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What is Sky Go?

Available at no extra cost for Sky TV subscribers, Sky Go allows you to watch live and on-demand TV programmes either at home or on the go. Users can choose from up to 70 entertainment channels, watch latest hit movies, stream sports events online and catch up on their favorite TV shows anytime they want.

Sky Go is easy to use and available on a number of devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles and personal computers.

Why can’t I access my usual content?

Unfortunately, Sky Go is only available to stream from inside the UK and Ireland. So if you have ever tried watching Sky Go on your vacation or business trip abroad, there is a chance you have had trouble doing that.

This is the result of content licensing agreements, which are issued separately by certain country or region. Because of them, people often lose access to their usual entertainment content when traveling or temporarily living outside Ireland or the UK. This may be frustrating not being able to access the service you subscribe and pay for back home.

Therefore, many subscribers turn to VPN services for video streaming assistance when travelling to other countries.

The NordVPN service is not intended to be used for bypassing copyright regulations. For more details, please read the NordVPN Terms of Service and Sky Go Terms of Use.

How to watch Sky Go using a VPN?

When you connect to the Internet, you are assigned a unique IP address, which immediately reveals the country you are currently based in. This prevents you from streaming Sky Go content when traveling overseas and also makes your private data vulnerable for hackers to attack and intercept.

Not only NordVPN helps you to access content that might be unavailable in a certain country, but also keeps you safe at the same time. It does so by encrypting your Internet traffic and hiding your IP address. Instead you get a new IP based on the location you choose from a long list of VPN servers. Furthermore, NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy, so you can be sure that we could not give away your private information even if we were asked to.

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