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Improve your privacy by using a VPN for Instagram

Access Instagram from anywhere with increased privacy using our fast and reliable VPN.

30-day money-back guarantee
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How to unblock Instagram with a VPN

It takes only three simple steps to safely access Instagram.


Download NordVPN and get a subscription.


Connect to a VPN server in any chosen location.


All set – you can now safely access Instagram on your device.

30-day money-back guarantee

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Why can’t you access Instagram?

The most likely reason why you can’t access Instagram is that the network or internet service provider (ISP) at your current location is blocking you. This is usually accomplished by instructing the system to deny any connection to the servers of blocklisted apps such as Instagram.

Where is Instagram blocked?

Schools, universities, and offices have frequently blocked Instagram in the past to increase productivity — in these environments, people are expected to focus on their tasks and stay away from distractions like social media platforms. Outside of school and company networks, Instagram may be banned by law on political, cultural, or even religious grounds due to the nature of the content that can be posted on the platform.

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How does an Instagram VPN work?

An Instagram VPN (virtual private network) works by creating a secure encrypted “tunnel” for your online traffic. Data that passes through this tunnel is shielded from anyone monitoring your connection — including your ISP or school network administrator.

What is the best VPN for Instagram?

The best VPN for Instagram is one that improves your online security without compromising your convenience — like NordVPN.

Globe-spanning infrastructure

6400+ VPN servers in 111 countries to choose from.

Speed and security

Work, browse, and play with one of the fastest VPNs.

Every click protected

Get rid of common online hazards with Threat Protection Pro.

Alerts to danger

Know if your credentials were leaked to the dark web.

Kill Switch

Stay protected even if you lose VPN connection.

Six device slots

One NordVPN account protects everything important.

Frequently asked questions

Unblock Instagram with a fast and reliable VPN

Enjoy increased privacy and security online.