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Browse safely with our Microsoft Edge VPN proxy extension

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    Full-scale browser protection in one lightweight extension

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    Browse in confidence with the fastest VPN on the planet

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    Choose which websites to secure with split tunneling

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    Get seamless always-on protection

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    Keep ads and malicious websites at bay with Threat Protection Lite

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Our VPN for Microsoft Edge interface before a Nordic background

What are VPN extensions for Edge?

NordVPN’s proxy extension for Edge is a type of browser proxy that secures your internet traffic and changes your IP address while you’re using the Microsoft Edge browser. The extension’s split tunneling feature lets you choose which specific websites to secure with the VPN proxy and which to leave out. Threat Protection Lite blocks intrusive ads and dangerous websites.

Advanced online security packed into your Edge browser

Heavyweight protection, feather-lite app

Our VPN extension for your Edge browser secures your browsing activities

Digital confidence for Edge users

Our VPN Proxy extension for Microsoft Edge secures your browser traffic, stopping others from intercepting your personal information or spying on you.

Our Edge VPN extension comes with extra security features, such as an ad blocker

Blocks intrusive ads and malicious websites

Browse free from worries with NordVPN’s Threat Protection Lite feature. Our Edge extension will stop intrusive and annoying ads and prevent you from visiting dangerous websites.

NordVPN for Microsoft Edge has measures against IP leaks, protecting your personal information

Protects against IP leaks

If your Edge browser leaks your IP address, it can severely compromise the security of your VPN connection. Use NordVPN’s Edge extension to prevent your browser from leaking your IP address.

Don’t be on edge — enjoy private browsing

A Microsoft Edge VPN extension only encrypts your browser traffic, letting other services access the internet directly

Select what you protect

Our lightweight extension only covers your browser traffic on Microsoft Edge, letting you use your real IP for other connections on your device.

NordVPN protects your online activities on your browser while you use unsecured public Wi-Fi networks

Stay safe on public Wi-Fi

Browsing in your hotel room? Public Wi-Fi is full of security holes. Encrypt your Edge browser traffic to prevent others from spying on your internet connection.

Our Edge VPN extension works by simply clicking a button — no need for any additional setup

Shield yourself with a click

NordVPN’s Microsoft Edge VPN proxy extension brings you effortless protection online. Simply click Quick Connect, and our smart algorithm will find the best server for you.

Browse at full speed

The fastest Microsoft Edge VPN extension lets you secure your online activities without sacrificing much speed

Fastest VPN experience

Don’t sacrifice speed for security features — get both. A review of VPN services proved that NordVPN offers the fastest VPN connection on the market.

Enable your VPN extension to stream safely from many websites on your Edge browser

Secure streaming round the clock

Your streams are for your eyes only. Shield your activity, avoid traffic-based bandwidth throttling, and access your favorite shows securely.

NordVPN for Microsoft Edge offers thousands of servers for a stable connection almost anywhere in the world

Thousands of VPN servers

NordVPN offers 5600+ ultra-fast servers in 60 countries, so there’s always a secure VPN server nearby. Get a fast and stable VPN connection no matter where you are!

How to set up a VPN proxy extension
on Microsoft Edge

It takes 3 easy steps to get a secure internet connection and live your digital life in confidence. Need more help? Visit our Help Center for a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to set up the NordVPN extension on the Edge browser.


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