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Cybersecurity and Privacy Research Lab

The internet was meant to be open and free. Let’s make it so.

NordVPN cybersecurity and privacy research lab

Our goal

A group of people promoting freedom of internet

At NordVPN’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Research Lab, we aim to move the world closer to Tim Berners Lee’s vision of an open and free internet. To empower internet users to fight for their digital rights, access to information, privacy, and protection of their personal data. To make our expertise their best ally in this fight.

That’s why we put together a team of professional researchers. They analyze online threats and privacy risks to learn about problems, understand them, and find the right tools and methods to eliminate them.

What we do



We draw attention to cybersecurity and digital rights violations. Our aim is to show people the different ways their digital rights are or might be violated.



We created an open-access online hub where data is presented in a way that’s easy to understand and apply in the real world.



Understanding the problem is only a part of the solution. Then it’s time to act. We give people the tools and knowledge they need to protect their digital rights.

Our research

CRI hero city

Cyber Risk Index

We collected and analyzed data from 50 countries to determine their vulnerability to cybercrime. We wanted to find out what factors put internet users at greater cyber risk and how likely people from different parts of the world are to become victims of cybercrime.

NordVPN National Privacy Test research

National Privacy Test

We launched the National Privacy Test to give internet users a chance to assess their cybersec knowledge and spot areas for improvement. In the test report, users can find country rankings by score as well as average scores in different categories and demographics.

NordVPN Parental monitoring tools research

Parental monitoring apps

We analyzed the top 4 parental monitoring apps, their popularity trends, how they work, and what problems the increased usage of these apps might create.

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Our researchers

NordVPN Research Lab team

NordVPN’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Research Lab is a team of five professionals with many years of experience in research and data analysis. They are experts in their field, working daily to deliver results worth sharing with the world. From the initial plan to final insights – our researchers take on real digital threats and look for the best ways to banish them once and for all.

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