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Best VPN routers for home

and office

and gaming

and travel

and small business

and remote access

and personal use

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    Protect unlimited devices with just 1 NordVPN account

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    Online privacy and security for the whole household

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    Fastest VPN means practically no slowdown online

Best home routers with VPN capabilities

Get NordVPN for all your devices

What is a VPN router?

A VPN router is simply a router that has been configured to automatically connect to VPN servers, thus protecting your whole network. Most routers can be manually set up with NordVPN, but you can also buy routers with pre-installed VPN software — they’ll encrypt your connection right out of the box.
Specifically designed Router with VPN capabilities
Best internet router for multiple devices
Good routers let you have a great internet surfing experience
Threat protection to keep private data safe

What does a VPN router do?

Best VPN Router protect multiple devices
Router with VPN installed gives you effortless security
Double encryption through flashrouter
VPN router for home makes all internet-connected devices secure

Why set up a home VPN router?

How to choose a VPN router


Check VPN compatibility

Before purchasing a router, make sure it supports VPN protocols. You can check the router’s documentation – if it supports OpenVPN, it’s likely to work with NordVPN.


Consider a pre-configured router

Buy a router with a VPN already set up and you won’t have to worry about getting the right device. NordVPN’s partner Flashrouters offers a wide variety of routers that support our services right out of the gate.


Compare VPN service speed

Before purchasing a Flashrouter, make sure you’re picking a VPN service provider that doesn’t slow down your connection. As it happens, NordVPN is one of the fastest VPN providers out there.

Top VPN routers for your home or business

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Multiple Options · Ship Worldwide · NordVPN pre-installed

Asus WiFi 6 OpenVPN Router

WiFi 6 + OpenVPN in one stylish package. Latest AsusWRT and Merlin models being added constantly for any needs and desire.

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router nordlynx sm

For up to 10-20+ active devices · NordLynx pre-installed

Privacy Hero WiFi 6 NordLynx Router

WiFi 6 + exclusive integration for NordLynx, the fastest NordVPN protocol. Optimized for VPN speed for US streaming and gaming.

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For 30+ active devices/larger homes · NordVPN pre-installed

Asus Mesh OpenVPN Routers

Get max VPN and WiFi coverage with OpenVPN WiFi 6 mesh solutions. 2 packs, 3 packs + more for those wanting complete network protection.

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