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Meet NordVPN

Online security starts with a click. And the story of the leading VPN provider starts with a vision.

NordVPN is one of the top VPN providers, bringing peak VPN performance to households worldwide_alt

Our mission

We strive to make the internet better than it is today. It can be free from online threats, censorship, and surveillance, as envisioned in 1989 — the year the World Wide Web was invented.

How it all started

NordVPN began as a project between friends to build a truly open and free internet_alt

The spark

NordVPN was launched by childhood friends in 2012. They had spent a lot of time in different parts of the world, but saw the same picture: growing internet censorship, content control, and intrusive government surveillance. In other words, they saw a rapidly growing need for an internet security tool that’s easily accessible to everyone.

NordVPN uses ultra-fast VPN servers to shield your online activities and protect your data_alt

The first server

The creators set up the first VPN server and shared the prototype among friends. The feedback was extremely positive, which encouraged them to continue their work. The road wasn’t easy, but grit, determination, and pursuit of innovation kept them going.

10 years of NordVPN

From first users to becoming the world’s leading VPN.

Who we are now

NordVPN protects its users from online threats, letting them relax and be themselves on the internet_alt

Nordic ideals

NordVPN takes its inspiration from the Nordic ideals of confidence, trust, and innovation. We value our customers’ freedom of choice and strive to be innovative with our technology.

NordVPN strives to be at the top of the field for features, performance, and customer service_alt

Market leader

What started with a single VPN server is now one of the most trusted internet security providers in the market. Known for strong values, well-thought-out features, and excellent customer service, NordVPN is recognized by influential tech sites and IT security specialists.

NordVPN is part of a growing family of cybersecurity tools that includes NordPass and NordLocker_alt

Internet security solutions

NordVPN grew beyond its original design. Along with VPN solutions, we now provide wide-ranging internet security solutions for our users.

Creating a safer and better internet

VPN Trust Initiative

NordVPN is a founding member of the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI). VTI is aimed at educating the public about cybersecurity and setting quality standards for the whole VPN industry. With it, we hope to improve VPN services and help people stay safe online, no matter which provider they choose.

Social responsibility

Internet freedom is one of our core values, so we’re always involved in digital rights projects. We give others emergency VPN access to help fight surveillance and censorship, materially support causes focusing on human and digital rights, and work hard to educate the public about the importance of cybersecurity.

Bug bounty

Nobody’s perfect. To help improve the quality and security of NordVPN services, we’ve launched a generous bug bounty program. This way, both ordinary people and professionals can be rewarded for uncovering vulnerabilities in our network and protecting our users.


Audits can reveal weaknesses — and strengths. We routinely submit our apps to independent researchers for thorough security testing, fixing any flaws uncovered. We also rigorously audit our vendors for reliability. Finally, NordVPN was the first VPN to have its no-log policy audited independently — a practice that has since been adopted by the rest of the VPN industry.

NordVPN manifesto

NordVPN aims to turn the dream of internet freedom into reality for people around the world_alt

Our mission is to make Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of a truly open internet a reality. Mr. Berners-Lee imagined the internet as a very different place when he implemented the first successful HTML communication in 1989. It was to be a safe space, free from censorship and surveillance. Unfortunately, as headlines around the world show daily, this is hardly the case.

Our team of mathematicians and technologists wake up every morning with one core goal — to keep the internet as free as possible. This is our passion and why we come to work every day. We strive to provide security and privacy on the web. We make sure no one sees what you do online because they shouldn’t. Nor should we, for that matter.

NordVPN does not track its users’ online activities, letting them safely browse in privacy_alt

For this reason, our VPN servers keep no logs. If someone asks us about you, we have nothing to share. We are free internet enthusiasts who believe in a common, secure future online. We support fighters for human rights, journalists, volunteers in conflict zones, information activists, and anyone who believes in the power of the open web as imagined by Mr. Berners-Lee.

In the spirit of transparency, we’ll do everything we can to keep you updated about all aspects of our service, from server status upgrades to occasional glitches. We aim to create a lasting relationship of mutual trust with you, the customers who share our deeply held values.

Team of advisors

As a NordVPN advisor, Rytis Vitkauskas offers his experience in entrepreneurship and investing_alt

Rytis Vitkauskas

Rytis has been part of the European tech scene as either entrepreneur, venture or angel investor for nearly 15 years. In 2019, he became a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners to help build the firm’s European presence and global platform.

NordVPN advisor Troy Hunt possesses vast knowledge of cybersecurity and software development_alt

Troy Hunt

Troy is a security researcher and founder of Have I Been Pwned. He has a background in software development specialising in information security. He regularly lends his expertise to critical institutions, including the US Congress.

adrianus warmenhoven

Adrianus Warmenhoven

Adrianus has decades of experience in IT and cybersecurity through many different roles. Apart from being a cybersecurity advisor and spokesperson for NordVPN, he is a technical product owner in the hacker platform Zerocopter.

NordVPN advisor Tanya Janca is a bestselling author, IT veteran, and founder of We Hack Purple_alt

Tanya Janca

Tanya has 20+ years of diverse experience in the IT sector and has won numerous awards for her work. She is the author of the best-seller Alice and Bob Learn Application Security and the CEO/founder of the We Hack Purple academy and community.


Career at NordVPN

Enough about us — let’s talk about you. We’re always looking for team members to help turn our shared dream into reality.

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