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Fighting for human web rights
with the help of encryption

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We care about your privacy

We believe the Internet could be better than it is today. Going forward, it should be as envisioned in 1989 – without censorship or surveillance. That’s where NordVPN comes in. Our team is made up of mathematicians and technologists, who wake up every morning with one core goal – to keep the Internet as free as possible.

Our story

NordVPN was born in 2012 when four childhood friends came together to build technology that could liberate the Internet. Spending a lot of time in different parts of the world they grew tired of seeing censorship, content control and government agency surveillance becoming intrusive. The feeling that the Internet was losing its main purpose led to a search of possible solutions on how to overcome all the restrictions.

After setting up the first VPN server and sharing the prototype among their friends, the creators started receiving extremely positive feedback and were encouraged to continue their work. That’s how NordVPN was born, now serving more than 1 million people worldwide.

NordVPN now

The NordVPN name was inspired by Nordic ideals of confidence, trust, freedom, and innovation. It reflects how we value our customer freedom, how we strive to be innovative with our technology and how we work.

Over the years, NordVPN became a trusted online security solution, used by over hundreds of thousands of Internet users worldwide. Meanwhile, NordVPN became recognized by the most influential tech sites and IT security specialists. It is now one of the most trusted privacy and security service provider in the world, known for the strongly held values and well thought-out features.