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NordVPN helps establish the first VPN coalition of its kind

There’s a lot us VPN providers can do for you, but there’s one thing none of us could do – fight for a better internet in the halls of government. We have all watched as U.S. lawmakers draft laws that impact global online security and privacy – for better or worse.

NordVPN helps establish the first VPN coalition of its kind

However, that’s all about to change.

NordVPN has become a founding member of the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI), a team of leading VPN providers gathered to give VPNs a unified voice in U.S. internet and cybersecurity policy.

The VTI will be part of the Internet Infrastructure Initiative (I2Coalition), a coalition of diverse tech companies that form the “nuts and bolts” of the internet and are integral to how it functions. These companies include (but are not limited to) web hosting companies, data centers, cloud infrastructure providers, and VPNs. NordVPN is one of its members.

Since 2011, the I2Coalition has advocated on behalf of this industry to ensure that internet users can enjoy a more functional, free, and secure internet. The VTI will continue to support that important work with a special focus on the issues that affect VPNs and their users.

Why this is important for VPN users

  • Protecting your rights: When lawmakers lack information about why online privacy is important or how VPNs work, they will be more willing to pass laws that work against them. The VTI will educate the public about VPN technology and the public’s right to free speech, privacy, and open access to information. Divided, global VPN providers have lacked a unified voice to advocate for the values they support. With the VTI and the I2Coalition, we will now have the unified voice we need to help enshrine your right to online privacy in US law.
  • Improving VPN service: A VPN service is a technologically complex operation, making it difficult for many to evaluate the quality of any specific provider’s service. The VTI, however, will work to create an industry-wide quality standard for VPN providers. Any VPN working with the coalition will have to meet these guidelines to ensure that their service is up to par. This is bigger than just NordVPN. This means that no matter which leading VPN provider you choose, you’ll know they support the quality standards and values championed by the VTI. NordVPN will always strive to exceed that standard, but this will make the entire industry more secure – not just our users.