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Refer a friend and get immediate rewards

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    No delay — your extra months will be added right away.

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    Your friend gets up to 3 months for free.

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    The more friends you refer, the more months you get!

Note: The referral program works on Nord Account and all NordVPN apps.
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What rewards do you get?

Refer a friend, get 3 months free

You’ll instantly receive 3 months free for every friend who buys NordVPN through your referral link. The more friends you refer, the more rewards you’ll earn!

Your friends will get their share, too. They will also receive 3 extra months if they choose the 1- or 2-year plans or 1 free month if they opt for the monthly plan.

You can find more information about our referral program in our Terms and Conditions.

How does NordVPN’s “Refer a friend” program work?

Refer a friend in three easy steps.


Invite your friend

Refer through your Nord Account by sharing a unique referral link or via your NordVPN app.


Wait for the purchase

Make sure your friend uses your referral link when buying a NordVPN subscription.


Get instant rewards!

You both earn rewards: You get 3 months and your friend gets 1 or 3 months of extra subscription time, which will be automatically added to your accounts.

Frequently asked questions

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The more friends you refer, the more months you get!

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