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Add the NordVPN extension to Chrome

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    Secure your browsing experience without sacrificing speed

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    Choose which URLs to secure with split tunneling

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    Easy Chrome extension VPN setup on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook device

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    Block ads and malicious websites with the Threat Protection Lite feature

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    Keep your IP safe by disabling the WebRTC protocol

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Chrome VPN extension

What are VPN extensions for Chrome?

The NordVPN browser extension for Chrome is a VPN proxy that secures your browser’s internet traffic and changes your IP. Its split tunneling feature lets you choose which websites to secure and which to leave out. The Threat Protection Lite feature blocks intrusive ads and dangerous websites. However, the Chrome extension shields the internet traffic on your browser only. Download the NordVPN app directly onto your device to protect other online activities.

Enjoy the full benefits of the VPN Chrome extension

Security you can trust

Using a VPN extension for Chrome lets you browse safely on Wi-Fi networks

Browse safely on public Wi-Fi

NordVPN’s Chrome extension hides your IP and encrypts your browser’s traffic so that no one can snoop on your browsing data and learn your digital habits, even on unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Our VPN browser extension lets you block intrusive ads using the Threat Protection Lite feature

Threat Protection Lite

The Threat Protection security feature prevents you from accessing malware-hosting sites and blocks ads.

You can prevent dangerous IP leaks by disabling WebRTC with our Chrome VPN extension

IP leak protection

NordVPN proxy extension disables the WebRTC protocol, which may otherwise reveal your IP address when you least want it.

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Split tunneling

No need to switch the VPN off for specific websites — secure what matters with split tunneling. NordVPN’s proxy extension allows you to leave out specific URLs out of the VPN proxy connection while protecting the rest.

An easy-to-use privacy solution

Get our VPN extension from the Chrome web store, log in, and click Quick Connect for easy protection

Privacy with one click

A couple of seconds is all it takes to protect your IP address from third-party snooping. Just click Quick Connect and enjoy browsing in privacy.

One NordVPN account supports up to 6 simultaneous connections, including your VPN browser extension

One account, six devices

Want to protect more than just your browsing on Chrome? You can install NordVPN on up to six devices with a single account!

Connecting to a VPN server using our Chrome VPN extension changes your browser traffic’s IP address

Your IP, your rules

Our Chrome VPN extension secures only browser traffic, which means you can use your real IP for other connections on your device.

Full-speed privacy

Top VPN connection speed means your browsing experience won’t suffer with our Chrome VPN extension

Smooth browsing

Browse without interruptions thanks to our extensive infrastructure and advanced server computing technology.

NordVPN won’t throttle your bandwidth — browse smoothly while protected by our Chrome VPN extension

No bandwidth limits

We won’t put any artificial restrictions on your browsing experience. Push your VPN connection to the max with our app or Chrome extension.

Our infrastructure lets you enjoy a stable VPN connection using our Chrome VPN extension anywhere

Stable access everywhere

The NordVPN network has more than 5300 servers in 59 countries on five continents to ensure a stable VPN experience wherever you are.

How to set up a VPN extension on Google Chrome?

Add a VPN extension to Chrome in 3 easy steps or try our detailed tutorial here.


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