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Meet NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most trusted internet security providers on the market. We offer the fastest VPN connection, bulletproof encryption, and advanced privacy features that ensure secure access to the internet wherever you are.

Our strong values, customer-oriented mindset, and carefully designed product keep NordVPN at the top of the best VPN lists throughout the industry. Today, 14 million users worldwide trust NordVPN to offer them comprehensive cybersecurity with a single click.

What makes us special

  • NordVPN offers the fastest VPN connection on the market — and we have an independent report to prove it.
  • NordVPN maintains a no-logs policy, which means we do not track what our users do online. It was confirmed by an industry-first audit on no-logging claims.
  • With our Threat Protection feature, we’re taking our users’ protection to a whole new level by shielding them from malware, ads, and trackers.
  • Our newest Meshnet feature allows users to create their own VPN servers, access their files, and play online games securely.
  • NordVPN is part of Nord Security, so we can offer a full range of internet security solutions to our users.

Our product family

nordvpn product

VPN with anti-malware

Surf online with confidence. NordVPN will cover your daily cybersecurity needs by securing internet traffic and blocking dangerous websites, ads, and malware.

nordlayer product

VPN for business

Businesses have specific cybersecurity requirements — that’s why they need a specialized VPN. Enable remote teams and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

nordpass product

Password manager

Passwords are key to your digital security. Generate and autofill unique passwords, identify vulnerable credentials, and check if your passwords have been leaked.

nordlocker product

Secure cloud storage

Keep your files backed up, synced, and protected from snoopers, loss, or malware in NordLocker’s secure cloud. Nobody will see, touch, or sell them.

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Media contacts

For media inquiries, please email us at

You can also reach us on Twitter or Facebook.

We offer Emergency VPN service to those in need

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    Faster, better, safer

    NordVPN is recognized as a leading VPN provider by the most influential tech sites and digital security specialists.

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    Best VPN 2023


    TIME Magazine

    TIME’s 2022 Best Inventions

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    Pcmag Magazine

    Editors’ Choice 2021

    Cybersecurity and Privacy Research Lab

    Learn about the latest online privacy and security trends, digital rights violations, and how you can take back control over your online life.

    stealing data female laptop

    Bot markets: How hackers sell your online identity

    Digital bots are becoming increasingly common. They operate in fields such as customer service, search engine optimization, and entertainment. Yet not all bots may serve good intentions – many of them can be malicious.

    Find out more
    hero dark web study

    How hackers can earn 17.3M USD from your data

    Experts have analyzed a dark web marketplace to reveal what it can tell us about online cybersecurity risks. Our case study in collaboration with independent third-party researchers’ work may help you stay safer online and off.

    Find out more
    hero research device laptop female magnifying glass

    Most of us spend nearly a third of our lives looking at devices

    NordVPN began surveying citizens of different countries to learn about people’s digital habits. We’ll continue to update the numbers as more results come in. Here’s what we’ve found out so far.

    Find out more
    male credit cards leak phishing

    How thieves get payment card data

    Our analysis uses data provided by independent researchers to see just how widespread payment card data theft can be. Find out how thieves can get card details without ever even stealing them.

    Find out more
    phone hacker lock open

    Discovering what first-time hackers want to hack

    Researchers looked into the most popular searches that include the word “hack” on Google. In total, they have analyzed almost 2M (1,983,741) searches from 50 countries, both in English and the local language. Seventy percent of them (1,387,020) included Meta’s social media platforms.

    Find out more
    online life oldman woman kid laptop

    Would you delete yourself from the internet?

    Most internet users have some data on the internet that they wish they could delete. However, a new NordVPN study shows that many people don’t know how to limit their online exposure. So what does the data reveal? And how can people take back control of their digital lives?

    Find out more
    dangers social media card information

    Fears over social media hacking are rising: how to keep your accounts safe

    Worried your social media accounts might get hacked? You’re not alone. According to a new NordVPN study, most Americans fear falling victim to social media hacking. So, should you be losing sleep over being hacked?

    Find out more
    shopping online phone girl bags

    Amazon scams pose a major threat this Prime Day

    This Prime Day, millions of Amazon users are at risk of being scammed. According to new data from NordVPN, most online consumers are unable to recognize Amazon fraud — which is great news for hackers and cybercriminals and bad news for everybody else.

    Find out more
    web vector cloud browse apps

    The brands we (shockingly) trust with our privacy

    In 2021, we asked 1,022 people in the US over the age of 18 which apps, browsers, and tech brands they trusted the most as part of a nationwide survey on brand privacy. The results were depressingly predictable, proving the assumption that popularity means safety.

    Find out more
    girl hacker phone social track

    85% of holidaymakers are worried they’ll get hacked

    Cancelled flights? These holidaymakers are more worried they’ll get hacked abroad. Over 85% of people in the US are scared of using public Wi-Fi on holiday. With nearly half of us going on vacation this summer, hackers have fresh targets.

    Find out more
    smartphone location toilet paper

    Smartphone use on the toilet

    Have you ever got to the bathroom, only to realize – in horror – that you don’t have your phone? You’re not the only one who needs distraction in the bathroom. Most of us take our phones with us when answering nature’s call, according to NordVPN research.

    Find out more
    nfts thief picture monkey

    How risky are NFTs?

    The hype around NFTs is very real, as exhibited by the results of our survey. We found that 47% of US respondents had some knowledge or awareness of this technology, and around half of that group had actually bought, sold or invested in NFTs previously.

    Find out more
    shopping online phone girl bags

    Can you trust cryptocurrency?

    NordVPN study has found 7 in 10 Americans would have concerns about the security of purchases made with cryptocurrency. They expressed unease about the prospect of cryptocurrencies becoming the standard for online purchases, along with a range of related worries.

    Find out more
    metaverse female hacker city vr

    Would you join the metaverse?

    Eighty-seven percent of people surveyed are concerned about how the metaverse could affect their privacy. They think it might be easy for hackers to impersonate others (50%), users’ identities won’t be legally protected (47%), and they will be forced to share even more of their private data, which can be later abused (45%).

    Find out more
    christmas laptop vacuum gifts

    What would you delete from the internet?

    Our research team asked people what they would erase from the internet if given a chance. From intimate messages to streaming platforms — people want to delete many things. Find out what they are.

    Find out more
    video thumbnail

    Who’s tracking you?

    We surveyed 7800 people to find out how they feel about online tracking. Spoiler alert: 80% are worried about it. Find out what people from different countries think about online privacy risks.

    Find out more
    hero cookies research

    Are cookies a privacy risk?

    You might know that your lifestyle can impact your cybersecurity. But have you ever thought how much? Six people shared their real browsing data with our researchers. They collected 3,958 cookies in just two days. Learn what that means to people’s cybersecurity and what you can do to minimize cookies in your daily browsing.

    Find out more
    hero iot research

    IoT device security

    We collected survey data of over 7,000 participants to figure out why only around 25% of people secure their IoT devices. Why didn’t users take precautions when introducing a new IoT device to their homes? Whose responsibility is it to secure these devices?

    Find out more
    encryption backdoors phone police hacker

    Laws on encryption backdoors

    Many democratic governments want to implement encryption backdoors. They claim that criminals hide behind encryption to protect themselves from persecution. While the need for effective law enforcement is understandable, there is no such thing as a secure backdoor. Instead, it’s a deliberate vulnerability that anyone can discover.

    Find out more
    sharing device

    Device sharing and privacy

    What risks do you face when you allow others to use your devices? Do your family members monitor your actions online? How safe is your private data when you use a work laptop at home? Learn why your personal devices are not as personal as you may think.

    Find out more
    computer privacy

    National Privacy Test

    We launched the National Privacy Test to give internet users a chance to assess their cybersec knowledge and spot areas for improvement. In the test report, users can find country rankings by score as well as average scores in different categories and demographics.

    Find out more
    parenting control app

    Parental monitoring apps

    We analyzed the top 4 parental monitoring apps, their popularity trends, how they work, and what problems the increased usage of these apps might create.

    Find out more
    hacker wardrobe

    Wannabe hackers

    Regular internet users have started looking for the best ways to hack something. We analyzed top Google search results to find which countries have the most wannabe hackers and what (or who) they targeted the most.

    Find out more
    internet bypass

    Bypassing internet restrictions

    What restricted content do internet users from different countries want to unblock the most? Government censorship, copyright laws, and local restrictions force people to look for a workaround – learn what online platforms they wanted to unblock most often.

    Find out more
    cyber risk index

    Cyber Risk Index

    We collected and analyzed data from 50 countries to determine their vulnerability to cybercrime. We wanted to find out what factors put internet users at greater cyber risk and how likely people from different parts of the world are to become victims of cybercrime.

    Find out more

    Latest news from NordVPN

    At least 1.5 billion American cookies leaked: Why are they interesting to hackers?

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    Browse the world with Saily — an eSIM solution designed especially for travelers

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    NordVPN now helps users protect themselves from vulnerable apps

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    Nord Security asserts its leading position in the cybersecurity market with a $100M investment

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    NordVPN launches Sonar to prevent phishing attacks

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    NordVPN launches NordLabs to boost innovation in experimental technologies

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    NordVPN has confirmed its no-log policy for the third time

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    NordVPN is one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022

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    NordVPN’s Meshnet allows users to create their own VPN server

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    Nord Security raises first ever outside capital at $1.6B valuation

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    NordVPN — a proud partner of Djurgården Fotboll

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