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Best VPN for Android phone with many security features

Get the best speeds with a VPN for Android in 2022

Take your online privacy into your own hands — get a VPN for your Android devices and stay safe online at all times. A VPN app for your smartphone or tablet will give you a safe and private internet connection by encrypting your traffic and hiding your IP, no matter where you are. Stream, play, and browse in complete privacy.

Everything you need from a VPN for Android

Meet the easiest Android VPN app

High internet speed with VPN for android when connected

Fastest Android VPN

Don’t choose between security and speed. Thanks to our unique technological solutions and a vast network of VPN servers, you won’t experience slowdowns when connected to a VPN on Android devices.

Intuitive Android VPN app

Intuitive design

Simple, slick, secure. Our app is super easy to use, with helpful suggestions for newcomers and extensive options for expert users.

One tap for NordVPN security on Wi-Fi

One-tap security

Need some privacy in a hurry? Simply tap Quick Connect, and the NordVPN app will hook you up with the best possible server based on your needs.

Man using VPN app feature kill switch

Protected by a Kill Switch

Don’t gamble your sensitive information on a weak signal. Enable the Kill Switch on your phone settings (Android version 8.0 or later) and it will shut down your data traffic the moment your VPN connection is interrupted.

Why get a VPN for your Android?

Complete NordVPN security when gaming

Safe gaming experience

Play your favorite mobile games securely with the best VPN speeds on the market. Or set up a direct link to other devices and host a secure virtual LAN party with our Meshnet feature.

Avoid cyber threats – NordVPN’s Threat Protection Lite

Malware protection

Enjoy a safer internet experience with NordVPN. Our VPN for Android devices comes equipped with Threat Protection Lite technology, protecting you against malicious websites and other cyber threats.

Fast and stable VPN connection on any Wi-Fi

Security for public Wi-Fi networks

Unsecured public Wi-Fi networks (such as the one at your local café) are risky. Download our VPN for your Android, connect to one of the VPN servers nearby, and protect yourself from snoops lurking about.

Privacy on Android with NordVPN

Privacy on demand

What you do online is your business. And the best VPN application for Android devices makes sure it stays that way — simply connect to a NordVPN server and browse in peace.

How do I set up a VPN on my Android phone?

Setting up NordVPN is easy! If you need a comprehensive step-by-step guide, have a look at our detailed tutorial.

Google Play

Once you’ve installed the application using the link below, simply open it and LOG IN.

NOTE: Due to Google’s policies, Threat Protection Lite does not block ads on the NordVPN app downloaded from Google Play.

google play

NordVPN website

Make sure Install Unknown Apps is enabled (it varies by device), then download the .apk file below, install it, and LOG IN. This version of NordVPN comes with ad-blocking functionality.

What is an Android .apk file?

.apk stands for “Android application package” — it’s a file format used on Android-based devices to install apps. Just like an exe. file on Windows or .ipa file on iOS, it contains all the information an app needs to successfully install on your device. Don’t worry — .apk files are completely safe to use if you get them directly from official sites and not some shady third-party app stores.


You might wonder why you should opt for an .apk file when NordVPN is available on the Play Store? The .apk file includes our Threat Protection Lite that protects you from visiting malicious websites and blocks intrusive ads. If you want the additional online protection it offers, or you’re simply having problems with the Play Store, download the .apk file and install NordVPN this way.

Security in dark mode

The same slick and powerful NordVPN app, only darker. Easily switch to the dark mode to give your eyes a break in low light, to match your smartphone’s theme, or if you simply like darker colors better.

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Enjoy a hassle-free online experience with NordVPN

Hide your virtual location, get a new IP, and access the internet without restrictions with a risk-free VPN. If you are not 100% satisfied, tell us within 30 days of the purchase date and get a full refund.

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