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Add the NordVPN extension to Firefox

Browse safely with the fastest VPN on the planet.

vpn for mozilla firefox
vpn servers on firefox browser

Privacy at full speed

No impact on browsing

Don’t choose between security and speed — NordVPN lets you stay private on Mozila Firefox without slowing you down.

No limits on bandwidth

You can’t go full-speed if there’s a brick wall at the end. But we won’t throttle your VPN connection, so browse without worries.

No downtime

Your NordVPN connection is strong, fast, and stable. With 5400+ high-tech servers in 59 countries, we can distribute the load easily at any time.

NordVPN on firefox settings

Top-grade security

Access websites safely

Browse your favorite sites securely, even if they are not protected by HTTPS. The NordVPN extension will encrypt your entire Mozilla Firefox traffic.


The CyberSec security feature blocks suspicious websites and guards you against other cyber threats.

Keep your IP address safe at all times

The NordVPN extension comes with extra protection from IP leaks to make sure that your sensitive data never gets exposed.

NordVPN on multiple devices

Simple, flexible protection

Privacy made simple

Changing your virtual location is as easy as pie. It takes just one click to hide your IP address and avoid snooping of any kind.

Hide what you want

The extension encrypts only the traffic on your Mozilla Firefox browser, so you can still use your real IP address on the rest of your device.

Not a moment wasted

The Firefox extension is so light and fast, you can switch from one location to another in the blink of an eye.

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