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    Browse securely with a VPN proxy extension for Firefox

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    Block ads and malicious sites with Threat Protection Lite

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The NordVPN extension is configured on the Firefox browser for online privacy and security

Enjoy more security and privacy on Firefox

Digital privacy you deserve

An open laptop showing NordVPN’s map that lets users select their VPN server

Hide your IP address

Third-party snoopers are always around, especially if you’re on public Wi-Fi. With the Mozilla Firefox VPN proxy add-on, you can hide your IP address and keep your data safe on up to 6 devices at the same time.

A football stream in progress with a speedometer showing internet speed with the NordVPN extension

Browse with no limits

Enjoy a fast connection with more privacy and security. Access any website safely without worrying about bandwidth limitations or buffering.

An open laptop showing a blue shield and a white padlock on the screen

No data tracking

Data misuse is rampant these days. But don’t worry — NordVPN’s Mozilla Firefox VPN proxy add-on doesn’t collect your private network data — it’s simply designed not to.

All-round security tools at your fingertips

A man browsing on a laptop with the Firefox VPN proxy extension’s split-tunneling feature enabled

Tailor your VPN protection to your needs

Split-tunneling lets you choose which websites you want the VPN proxy extension to protect and which you trust to leave unencrypted. This handy feature allows you to customize your protection, so you can secure what matters while conserving bandwidth and enjoying faster speeds.

The USA flag with a blue button, signifying that the VPN proxy extension will auto-connect to US servers

Auto-connect for always-on security

Set your Mozilla Firefox VPN proxy extension to auto-connect – and enjoy more online privacy on any Wi-Fi network without having to think about it. NordVPN will hide your IP address and keep your data safe from sniffers, ISPs, and governments – no need to manually connect every time.

An open laptop showing a blue shield and a white padlock on the screen

Block ads and malicious websites

Threat Protection Lite is a security feature that blocks suspicious websites and guards you against cyber threats. Once you set up our VPN proxy on Firefox, you can enable Threat Protection Lite through NordVPN settings in the top-right corner of your browser.

A pop-up from the NordVPN extension alerting users that they’re about to enter a dangerous site

Protect your IP address

Your Firefox browser can leak your IP address. By connecting to one of the Firefox VPN proxy extension’s secure servers on your Android device, laptop, or another gadget, you can block a known security flaw (WebRTC) and prevent your IP address from being revealed.

Easy to use on any device

The Wi-Fi icon with a padlock icon, signifying that the VPN proxy extension is protecting Firefox traffic

One click to secure internet connection

A VPN extension should be easy to use. With NordVPN’s lightweight VPN proxy add-on, you can fully secure your browser data with just one click.

The Firefox VPN proxy extension’s menu for selecting the country of your VPN server

Choose from thousands of secure servers

With over 5500+ multipurpose secure servers in over 60 countries worldwide, you can safely access your favorite websites – even on unsecured public Wi-Fi.

Multiple devices with NordVPN installed and connected using just a single subscription

Use the Firefox VPN proxy on multiple devices

NordVPN’s Firefox proxy extension allows you to secure up to 6 devices with one account. Use it on your Android device, router, and laptop — all at the same time.

How to set up a VPN proxy on Firefox


Get NordVPN

Buy a subscription of your choice.


Add the extension

Find NordVPN on the Firefox add-ons page (or download it here).


Turn it on

Log in to your account and connect to a server.

neutralFor more detailed instructions, check out this article on how to set up your Firefox extension or watch our set-up video.

Frequently asked questions

Enjoy a hassle-free online experience with NordVPN

Hide your virtual location, get a new IP, access the internet without restrictions, and enjoy your favorite content while traveling with a risk-free VPN. If you are not 100% satisfied, tell us within 30 days of the purchase date and get a full refund.

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