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Take cybersecurity to the next level with NordVPN’s Threat Protection

Protection from ads, trackers, and malware. More than just a VPN.

Threat protection through NordVPN

What is Threat Protection?

Threat Protection is a security solution designed to defend you from everyday online cyber threats, like malware and trackers. It scans your files before you download them, identifies threats, and blocks them before they can harm your device.

For years, NordVPN offered additional protection with CyberSec. But now, with our advanced Threat Protection feature, it’s time for the next step in your digital security. It makes your browsing safer and smoother by blocking trackers and intrusive ads, identifying malware-ridden files, and stopping you from landing on malicious websites.

Once you enable the Threat Protection feature in your NordVPN app settings, it will protect your browsing even when you’re not connected to a VPN server.

Fend off cyber threats and improve your digital experience

Threat Protection shields from malware and keeps sensitive data safe

Block malware

IT security threats are everywhere. One wrong turn when surfing the net, one hasty click on an email attachment, and your gadget gets infected with malware. That’s why scheduled malware scans aren’t enough anymore. You need something that secures your traffic at all times.

NordVPN’s Threat Protection tool shields you from malware in a couple of different ways. It prevents you from accidentally visiting malicious websites by restricting your access and showing you a warning message instead. Threat Protection also scans the files you download. If it detects malware in the file, it deletes it immediately, before the contents can do any damage to your device.

VPN protects you from tracking by changing your IP and encrypting your data

Stop intrusive tracking

Surf the net without a trace. Websites you browse are full of third-party trackers that collect information about what you do online. This information is used to create your digital profile and then serve you intrusive ads or unfair prices based on your previous purchases.

While a VPN protects you from tracking by changing your IP and encrypting your data, Threat Protection takes it to the next level. It blocks trackers so that you can enjoy the highest level of privacy.

Malicious ads on your device

Avoid malicious ads

We’ve all been there — you open an article in anticipation just to see dozens of ads and pop-ups covering the screen. Auto-play videos tune out your favorite podcast or song. They’re not only annoying — worse still, some can even contain malware.

But with Threat Protection, you can forget about that. It stops the intrusive and malicious ads before they even get the chance to load. This not only makes your browsing experience safer. It also improves the load of the site you’re visiting so you can enjoy a smoother browsing experience.

NordVPN provide scybersecurity features for home user

Always-on cybersecurity

Stay secure. Always. You don’t need to connect to a VPN server for the Threat Protection feature to keep you safe. Switch it on in the settings menu of your app and enjoy a higher level of security whenever you go online.

Family has internet threat protection for all internet devices

Be in control of your digital hygiene

Threat Protection is not just about improving your online safety and browsing experience. All the blocked ads, trackers, malicious websites, and malware-infected files will appear in a 7-day protection summary. You can analyze your data and note which websites you should avoid visiting in the future.

How to enable NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature



Open the NordVPN app.


Click the shield

Click on the little shield icon on the left side of your screen.


Turn it on

Toggle the Threat Protection switch on.

neutralTo use Threat Protection on Mac, download the NordVPN app for macOS from our website. To get Threat Protection on PC, download the latest NordVPN app for Windows.


One-click personal cybersecurity tool

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