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Enhance your online security with DNS filtering

Block ads, trackers, and malicious websites with Threat Protection — a DNS filtering feature.

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What is DNS filtering?

DNS filtering (or Domain Name System blocking) provides additional online protection by blocking your access to unsafe websites. When you try to visit a website, your device asks a DNS server to convert the website’s domain name into an IP address. During this process, a DNS content filtering service checks your request against a list of domains to see if you’re allowed to connect to them. In NordVPN’s case, DNS filtering checks if the domain name appears on a list of dangerous websites and, if it does, shows you a warning.

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How to enable NordVPN’s DNS filtering feature


Open the NordVPN app or extension

Launch the NordVPN app or extension on your device and log in.


Go to the settings

Click the gear icon in the extension or your profile icon in the mobile app.


Enable DNS filtering

Go to “Threat Protection” and toggle the switch next to “DNS filtering.”

How DNS filtering makes your browsing better

Our DNS filtering solution helps you avoid malware, phishing, and annoying ads.

Safer browsing

Ransomware, spyware, trojans, keyloggers — these are just some of the threats you could encounter online. DNS filtering helps reduce the chances of these viruses infecting your device from a malicious website.

Avoid phishing

If a website you’re about to visit is known to be a part of a phishing attack, we’ll restrict your access and notify you about the risks. You can choose to visit the website anyway, but we advise against it.

No annoying ads

Will clicking that ad lead you to the deal of a lifetime — or will it infect your device with malware? Don't second guess yourself — DNS filtering will stop you from seeing these annoying ads to begin with.

Faster connections

Your browser won’t need to load various ads when you visit a website. Get to the content you came for without having to plough through endless pop-ups and banners.

DNS filtering vs. Threat Protection Pro™

Choose the online protection that works for you — and enjoy a safer browsing experience.

Threat Protection (DNS filtering)

Threat Protection Pro

Supported devices

Available on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS, and browser extensions.

Available on Windows and macOS apps.

VPN connection

Must be connected to a VPN.

No need to be connected to a VPN.

Threat detection

Blocks websites based on their domain name.

Scans every website and URL — and blocks them if they’re not safe.


Integrated ad and malicious website blocker.

Integrated malicious website and ad blocker, download scanner, tracker blocker, and other features.

System impact

Lightweight and will hardly impact your browsing.

Some security features may use more system resources.

Safer browsing

Will help you avoid unsafe domains and ads.

Significantly boosts your online security when browsing and downloading files.

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