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Is NordVPN’s Threat Protection blocking websites? How to avoid this

NordVPN’s Threat Protection Pro feature enhances online security and privacy, but it can sometimes result in websites being blocked. In this article, we’ll explain why this may be happening and show you how to resolve the problem.

Is NordVPN’s Threat Protection blocking websites? How to avoid this

Why is Threat Protection Pro blocking websites?

Threat Protection Pro blocks websites to protect you from potential online threats. Specifically, if you try to access a website that Threat Protection Pro identifies as a potential source of malware, the page will be blocked for your own protection.

In most cases, when Threat Protection Pro blocks a page, it is for your own safety. However, occasionally, it can generate a false positive and prevent you from accessing a safe website.

If you want to bypass a Threat Protection Pro block, you don’t need to turn off Threat Protection Pro. Instead, just click the “Unblock” button, which should be visible while attempting to access a blocked website, or edit your Threat Protection Pro settings.

How to avoid Threat Protection Pro blocking websites

You can change Threat Protection Pro settings through the NordVPN app. This allows you to pick and choose which Threat Protection Pro functionalities are active. Different users have different needs, so not everyone will want to keep the default settings.

If you’re not sure which setting configuration is right for you, have a look at the use-cases below and see which is most relevant to your needs.

Priority: Privacy

If your main priority is to maintain privacy, rather than security, you can turn off “Block malicious websites” while keeping “Web tracker blocker,” “ Ad blocker,” and “URL trimmer” on. You will be more at risk from websites that can infect your device with malware, but you will still be able to enjoy increased online privacy.

Privacy is a lot harder to maintain if your data isn’t secure, though. Protecting your online activity from corporations and data brokers is important, but it’s even more important to shield yourself from hackers and cybercriminals, who may use malware to spy on you.

Priority: Security

If your number one priority is security and you’re not concerned about corporations and data snoopers gathering your personal information, the main Threat Protection Pro feature you want to have enabled is “Block malicious websites.” By keeping this system on, you’re allowing Threat Protection to block potentially risky, malicious websites. You may also wish to have “Ad blocker” on, since cybercriminals can use online ads as a system for malware delivery.

Priority: Ad-free browsing

If you’re only using Threat Protection Pro because you want to see fewer annoying ads and popups, you should keep “Ad blocker” on while browsing the internet. This will ensure a cleaner user interface on most websites and will have the added bonus of protecting you from malvertising (online ads created for scams and malware dissemination).

While online ads are annoying, having your device infected with malware is even worse, so we strongly recommend that you take advantage of other Threat Protection Pro features, like “Block malicious websites.”

Priority: A safer online experience

The best option for most users is to use all the Threat Protection Pro features while online. Fully enabling Threat Protection Pro further enhances privacy and security and provides the best overall internet experience. You can limit the threat of malware, block irritating ads, and shield yourself from invasive trackers, all with the tap of a button.

False positives produced by the “Block malicious websites” feature are very rare, but you can always disable this function in specific cases where you know for a fact that the website you’re trying to access is safe. You can even allowlist that URL, without switching the blocking feature off entirely.

NordVPN’s Threat Protection Pro is a powerful tool that can supercharge security and protect privacy. Get it today and browse safely.

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