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Stop intrusive ads with NordVPN’s ad blocker

Enjoy safe and smooth browsing without ads. Use the NordVPN app and get both a secure encrypted internet connection and extra protection from online threats.

Stop intrusive ads with NordVPN’s ad blocker feature

Why should you block ads?

The internet is ridden with ads. While some are innocent sales banners, others can be annoying, distracting, and malicious – but you can get rid of them with NordVPN’s ad blocking tool.

To avoid threats

One wrong click could lead to stolen credentials, financial loss, or malware. Blocking ads means you will never be tempted to click on a malicious one.

To get faster load times

Fewer ads mean faster loading times and less data used. This is especially helpful when you’re using mobile data, as it saves you those precious MBs.

To help you focus

Shouty pop-up ads that cover most of the screen are distracting and incredibly annoying. So block all ads and never get a jump-scare from a banner again.

To stop advertisers

You look up a product once, and then you see it everywhere for the next six months. Block trackers and ads altogether and stop them from following you around the internet.

Use NordVPN’s ad blocker on different devices

Mobile devices

Whether it’s iOS or Android, if you have the NordVPN app on it, enable Threat Protection Lite and enjoy browsing without ads.

Desktop computers

If you use NordVPN on Windows and Mac devices, Threat Protection will not only block ads but also stop trackers and protect your device from malware.

Browser extensions

Threat Protection Lite feature is available on our Chrome, Edge, and Firefox extensions. If you have the NordVPN extension, enable ad blocking in the settings.

How to enable ad blocking on NordVPN


Open the NordVPN app.


Click on the shield icon.


Toggle the Threat Protection switch on.

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