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Remove malware and protect your devices with NordVPN

Use Threat Protection and avoid malicious software.

remove malware from your device

What is malware?

what is malware danger

Malware is a piece of malicious software that’s designed to intentionally cause damage to your device. Someone might send it to you disguised as a different file. You might also accidentally download it yourself together with some other legitimate piece of software. Or it could infect your device through malicious websites.

There are many kinds of malware, and they act in different ways. Some are designed to make money for their creators by using the resources of your devices. Others might encrypt all your files and demand a ransom. And some will destroy all the data they can find on your device — just because.

How to prevent Malware

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Click carefully

Be a responsible internet user and pay attention. One wrong click could be fatal, so be careful when you interact with pop-ups or land on shady or even fake websites. The “Download” button or the “X” on an ad can sometimes be fake to trick people into clicking — don’t be fooled.

a person checking if apps are safe to use

Use apps responsibly

Keep your software up to date and never download apps, especially free ones, without doing research first. See what other people have to say about them, and only use the official developer’s website to download the software.

security software helps to prevent malware

Use security software

By the time you find out that malware is already on your device, it could be too late to save your data. Prevention is key, so make sure to use something that will stop malware from getting into your phone or laptop in the first place. Something like NordVPN.

Block malware with NordVPN

block malware with nordvpn threat protection feature

Turn Threat Protection on and let NordVPN do the rest. How does it work?

Before connecting you to any website, NordVPN checks a real-time list of domains and URLs that are known for hosting malware. If it detects you’re trying to visit a dangerous page, NordVPN will block your access. Instead of landing on the webpage, you’ll get a warning message. Threat Protection will make your browsing safer and smoother without tracking your activity.

Remove malware with NordVPN

remove malware with nordvpn

Phishing emails are getting more sophisticated every day. Anyone can accidentally download a malicious attachment and not even realize it. But with NordVPN, you won’t have to worry about that.

NordVPN checks the files you download for malware — it scans them the moment they reach your device, no matter what size they are. If it detects malware, Threat Protection deletes it immediately before the contents can do any damage to your device and notifies you about it.

How to enable malware blocking on NordVPN


Open the NordVPN app.


Find the shield icon and click on it.


Toggle the Threat Protection switch on.

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