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What is a dedicated IP?


In a traditional sense, a dedicated IP is a static IP address assigned to a single website hosting account, which means no one else can use it.

But there’s also a dedicated IP that you can get on top of your VPN subscription. In this case, a VPN encrypts your connection, and routes it through a remote server and assigns you an IP address, which isn’t shared with other users.

How to get a dedicated IP address


Select a NordVPN plan

Go to the pricing page and choose a plan.


Add a dedicated IP

Click “+Add” next to the dedicated IP at the checkout.


Complete the payment

Get a NordVPN subscription with a dedicated IP.


Select your dedicated IP location

Pick the country for your dedicated IP.

Note: If you’re an existing customer, simply follow these instructions to get a dedicated IP.

Get a Dedicated IP Now

Benefits of a dedicated IP

Secure access to business servers

A dedicated IP address is ideal for accessing corporate remote access systems or private servers securely because administrators may specify a list of authorized IP addresses to prevent unwarranted access to sensitive systems.

Secure online payments

If you use a VPN while using online banking, you’ll likely suffer from interruptions since the bank may treat your connection as suspicious. A dedicated IP could help you avoid repetitive verification processes without compromising security.

Skip being denylisted

Sharing a server with other VPN users may cause the shared IP to be denylisted or limit your access to your favorite websites in other ways. But you can get a dedicated IP all to yourself and avoid being blamed for other people’s misdeeds.

Forget the CAPTCHAs

Sharing IP with others often triggers CAPTCHA authentication and may hinder your browsing experience. By using a dedicated IP address, you will be able to log in to your email and other online accounts without unnecessary interruptions.

Do I need a dedicated IP?


Dedicated IP vs. shared IP

A shared IP address is a string that can be assigned to multiple websites, while a dedicated IP address is a unique string provided by a VPN service or a hosting provider that is assigned to your website exclusively.

BenefitsDedicated IPShared IP
Likely to avoid denylistsYN
Exclusive to user or websiteYN
Allows access to IP-restricted resourcesYN
IP hidden from third partiesYY
Less CAPCHAs and other distractionsYN
Included with NordVPN subscriptionNY

Locations where NordVPN provides a static IP

NordVPN offers static IP addresses in these locations: the United States (Buffalo, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Miami), the United Kingdom (London), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Canada (Toronto), France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt), and Japan (Tokyo). New locations with dedicated IPs include Italy (Milan), Sweden (Stockholm), Australia (Sydney), Switzerland (Zurich), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), and Spain (Madrid).


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