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Just one click to secure your online activity, secure your IP address and safely access your favorite websites with an encrypted proxy extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The new lightweight NordVPN browser extension will help you stay secure and private on the Internet and safely access your favorite websites even if they are not protected by HTTPS. Using this solution, you encrypt your traffic and replace your real IP address with one of 5500+ available IPs in over 60 countries.

Extra protection from IP leaks will make sure that your online identity always stays protected. You can also use the extension to block annoying ads, malware, and other threats.

The NordVPN extension applies to the Chrome and Firefox browsers on your computer and Android* devices. However, you can download the NordVPN apps for Windows, macOS, Android or iOS for the same subscription price. The apps will secure everything you do online with military-grade encryption.

NordVPN Chrome Extension
* Even though the Firefox extension is available on Android devices, it hasn’t been properly tested yet. Therefore, some glitches may occur, which might impact normal use. For this reason, we recommend using a NordVPN app to assure stable and strong encryption between your device and VPN server.

Getting started with the proxy encryption

Once you download the NordVPN extension from the Chrome Web Store or the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons page, it sits quietly next to your other extensions, waiting for you to connect. As soon as you do, it encrypts your connection instantly. Your IP address changes, protecting your online browsing activity from any third-party snooping.

If you want to connect to a particular country, click Choose location and find the country on the list. If you don’t have any country preferences, just click Auto connect, and a special algorithm will find the best server for you based on distance, load and other parameters.

NordVPN Chrome Extension

With the NordVPN extension enabled, you can surf the web truly privately. Nobody, your ISP or cyber criminals, can see what you are doing online. Our browser extension encrypts your HTTP traffic with the Transport Layer Security (TLS v1.2) protocol, widely used whenever a website needs to secure users’ communications.

NordVPN Chrome Extension

The NordVPN extension helps you securely access your favorite websites, even those that still don’t offer HTTPS protection. If the website is not protected by HTTPS, all communications between you and that website are visible and can be intercepted by nefarious users. NordVPN encrypts your Internet traffic so your data always stays secure and private.

Extra benefits of the proxy extension

The NordVPN extension has an option that allows disabling the WebRTC protocol, which the Chrome and Firefox browser uses by default. This way, your IP address remains safe at all times.

Without the extra protection, the WebRTC protocol may reveal your IP address to all concerned parties, even with a VPN enabled. Such WebRTC leaks may affect your confidential data – without you ever knowing about it.

The CyberSec option, also available in the extension for Chrome and Firefox, allows you to block annoying ads and websites infected with malware or other threats.

Encrypted proxy extension vs. VPN software

Although the NordVPN browser extensions offer many of the benefits the full-featured NordVPN software has, the two have a few key differences:

  • The extension only applies to the Chrome or Firefox browser on your computer (Chrome and Firefox for mobile do not support extensions at the moment). The NordVPN apps work on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS;
  • The VPN apps encrypt all your Internet traffic on the system level – it’s all or nothing. The extension secures only the HTTP traffic on your browser, giving you more flexibility;
  • The proxy extension is very light and fast; you can jump back and forth between different locations in seconds;
  • The extension does not allow choosing a particular server within a selected country. However, the algorithm behind it does utilize the full NordVPN network of 5500 servers.

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