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How to Block Email Tracking

Block email tracking

You may not know it, but many people who send you an email know the exactly when you open it and even where you are at the moment of opening it. Many marketing companies have been using small pieces of code in their promotional emails that can track both the location and the time when […]

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Incognito Mode: Not as Private as You Think

Incognito mode

When it comes to browsing the web privately, everyone has their favorite methods. For a lot of people, that means using the private, or incognito, mode of their browser. However, although it has legitimate uses, the incognito mode does not actually make people’s browsing habits as private as they think. What Private Browsing Mode Does […]

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How to keep your passwords secure [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tips and Tricks

How many passwords do you use? Safe to say, it’s probably way more than a few. From your inbox to the e-stores you usually shop, almost every service requires entering a password to log in nowadays. Creating a strong password is crucial, but it’s only the initial step towards security. The way you manage your […]

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Security Tips for Your Smart Home

Smart home technology, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT), promises to make our living space more convenient, comfortable and secure. Everything from security cameras and locks to TVs and thermostats, or all smart gadgets for that matter, can be connected to the Internet today. This means less effort for our daily activities, including […]

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Service Update: New Servers Added

Since March 17, a number of new locations have been added to the ever growing NordVPN server network. Here’s a quick overview on what has changed in the server list over the past few weeks! New Servers: Australia #19-26 Canada #85-88 Denmark #4-7 France #16-17 Italy #8-13 Japan #7-10 Netherlands #56-71 Romania #5-8 Singapore #10-12 […]

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5 Linux Distributions for Privacy and Security

If you are serious about protecting your private data from hackers or other snooping eyes, you should start using a security-focused operating system. More tech-savvy users will quickly find out that there are many Linux distributions (distros) that keep your data secure with strong encryption and have other advanced security features. However, if you are […]

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Australian Human Rights Group Declares “National Get a VPN Day”

Australia’s mandatory data retention scheme comes into effect on April 13, 2017, with service providers required to collect and retain their customers’ Internet usage metadata. Although service providers had to begin retaining users’ data on October 13, 2015, those with special implementation plans approved by the Attorney General’s Department (AGD) could take until April 12, 2017. As the scheme takes effect, privacy advocate […]

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Avoiding Weak Passwords

QWERTY is one of the most popular and least recommended passwords – everyone knows it’s not secure but its simplicity is just too hard to resist. But even if you try to be more creative, there is still a lot of things you should avoid in your passwords. We’ve compiled a list to remind you the key password mistakes. […]

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VPN vs Proxy: What Are the Main Differences?

VPNs and Proxy servers are used by people all over the world. Primary purpose for use: protecting their identities from being discovered and accessing geo-restricted content.

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Automatic Kill Switch

Though NordVPN’s connections are very reliable, we want to make sure your sensitive data is still secured if the connection ever drops out, even for just a second. Therefore, the NordVPN apps include a handy kill switch feature, which protects your online activities from being briefly exposed in case of interrupted connections. In NordVPN’s software for Windows and macOS, the kill switch […]

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