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Using a VPN for the dark web

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The internet beyond the internet

You think Google search has access to everything on the internet? Think again. Experts believe that only 1-4% of the web is actually visible to regular users. The rest of online activity is hidden from search engine indexing. While the lack of public scrutiny offers unique opportunities, using the dark web without a VPN is very dangerous.

What is the dark web?

If the deep web represents everything online that’s not indexed by search engines, then the dark web goes even deeper. The dark web is completely off the grid, requiring specialized software like Tor for access. It’s where users go for complete anonymity in their dealings, legal or otherwise.

Yes, that’s right — the dark web is often associated with criminal activity, from trading stolen credit card numbers to drug trafficking. But it’s also a place where you can view leaks governments or corporations are trying to conceal, debate philosophy without outside scrutiny, or even organize protests for worthwhile causes without interference from the authorities.

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Don’t enter the dark web without a VPN

The dark web is very dangerous, but some of the risks go beyond malware and data theft. Its infamy means that merely accessing it can attract unwanted attention. And while the Tor browser hides your activities, it can’t hide the fact that you’re using Tor itself. This is a big no-no on some networks, especially in authoritarian regimes.

A reliable VPN will encrypt your data traffic, hiding the fact that you’re connecting to Tor from your internet service provider. This offers a double layer of protection to dark web users, keeping their online activities away from prying eyes.

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Use the best VPN for the dark web

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