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Use a VPN for Duolingo

Learn languages safely with a fast and reliable Duolingo VPN.

30-day money-back guarantee

A woman happily learning several languages on Duolingo with increased privacy thanks to NordVPN.

How to unblock websites with NordVPN

Connecting to a VPN is the quickest and easiest way to unblock websites. NordVPN not only helps you access your favorite content but also secures your data traffic with powerful encryption. Forget about online restrictions by following these simple 3 steps:


Get a NordVPN subscription and download our app.


Connect to a secure VPN server.


Safely surf the web and access Duolingo.

A woman unable to access Duolingo at her location because the app has been blocked on her network.

Why can’t I access Duolingo?

If you can’t access the Duolingo website or connect to the app, the most likely reason is that your network or internet service provider (ISP) has blocked the service. Often, network administrators aren't targeting Duolingo specifically — it’s simply blocked as a consequence of broader network restrictions. Other times, the ban is deliberate, such as office networks blocking Duolingo to keep the employees focused on their tasks.

Why use a VPN for Duolingo?

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