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About Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website, which allows users to create short-form blogs where they can share photos, videos, links, quotes and other content, as well as follow other users. It is mostly focused on quick and easy posting and reposting rather than large chunks of text, which may be the main reason why it hosts over 320 million blogs and boasts over 550 million visitors a month. Tumblr enables the mash-up generation to express themselves by sharing, organizing and combining items of interest.

Having a Tumblr blog is popular with celebrities who use social media to connect with their fans, including Lady Gaga, Cara Delevigne and Anthony Bourdain. In 2011, Tumblr became the first platform to host President Obama’s blog.

Where is Tumblr Blocked?

Many academic institutions and workplaces enable firewalls to limit access to inappropriate websites, and Tumblr may be included in their blacklists for various reasons. These range from seeking to increase productivity to restricting unsuitable content. Tumblr has a sizable amount of adult content, which is obviously undesirable on school computers and, quite literally, not safe for work. However, users often look for ways how to get Tumblr unblocked at workplace or on school Wi-Fi, with VPN services being the most popular choice.

How to Unblock the Tumblr Site?

Websites and services are blocked by denying users access based on their IP addresses. When you connect to the internet from your school or workplace, you are assigned the general IP address of the local network, which has various access restrictions. Although there are several methods to bypass internet filters, the most reliable is using a VPN service, which provides anonymity and encrypts your online communications.

Unblock Tumblr With VPN


Virtual Private Network connects you to the internet through a tunnel that encrypts all the packets exchanged between the internet and your system. It also allows you to browse the internet privately and safely because your IP address is hidden from your ISP, advertisers and other trackers. Among other things, that means you can access Tumblr from school or work on your computer or mobile device.


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