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About Twitch TV

Twitch is an online streaming service that has attracted incredible amounts of traffic since its inception. A relatively new company ( introduced in 2011), Twitch has become one of the most widely used services online. This is due to the content that is shared on the website. Twitch.tv is an online streaming service where people can share their gaming videos and walkthroughs for different games. It also airs e-sports events and gaming-related talks. In a bid to attract more people on its website than just gamers, Twitch has initiated music and creative content sharing as well.

Where is Twitch TV blocked?

Reasons for blocking

For countries

Twitch is not accessible in all areas of the world. It’s not the service that is limited. Twitch itself is not a geo-restricted service. It is only that certain countries block their users from accessing Twitch as a part of their internet censorship policies.

For institutions

Some Schools have been known to block access to Twitch TV

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