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Twitch is a great place to watch the top streamers playing your favorite games, follow their channels and communicate via chat in real-time. Unfortunately, access to Twitch might be restricted in certain regions or institutions.

Why can’t I access Twitch?

Despite the fact that Twitch TV itself isn’t a geo-restricted service, not everyone is able to access it. In some countries or regions, Twitch TV is blocked due to internet censorship policies.

Moreover, institutions often choose to block entertainment sites and streaming services on local networks in order to prevent distractions at a workplace. The most common examples are schools and offices – when connected to their local Wi-Fi, the access to particular sites can be restricted, for example, when trying to watch Twitch TV on a school computer.

How to securely bypass Twitch restrictions?

The IP address assigned to you by your internet service provider (ISP) indicates your location. That’s how governments and ISPs know whether the internet censorship policy applies to a user and whether the access to a requested site should be blocked. Consequently, gaming enthusiasts in regions with internet censorship would not be able to access Twitch TV.

NordVPN helps you bypass these limitations and view Twitch TV securely. Simply connect to one of our 5800+ VPN servers in order to virtually appear to be in a different country, where your desired site is not blocked. Or, connect to any server to bypass the restrictions and access Twitch TV at school or at work.

Aside from unblocking Twitch TV, NordVPN also protects the internet traffic between your device and a VPN server with military-grade encryption. This way, your personal data is protected from hackers and unwanted snoopers.

Access Twitch securely

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