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Unblock Hi5 with NordVPN

Meet new people wherever you are.

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How to safely access Hi5 with a VPN

It only takes 3 simple steps to experience internet freedom.


Get NordVPN

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Log in and connect to a VPN server.

30-day money-back guarantee

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How a VPN for Hi5 works

NordVPN hides your real IP address and virtual location, making it look like you’re connecting from another country. It also encrypts your internet connection, which makes your ISP or network administrator unable to tell what apps you use or which websites you’re visiting. This way, you can use Hi5 and other online services without interruptions, even in countries with strict internet restrictions.

Why is Hi5 blocked in some countries?

Offices and schools often block access to social media and gaming sites — including Hi5 — to reduce distractions and increase productivity. What’s more, some countries block their citizens’ access to various platforms altogether, so accessing any website is virtually impossible without a VPN. These heavy internet restrictions are usually based on concerns about the content shared on the internet and the policies of some governments to censor public information.

A person blocking people’s access to the internet.

Safely access Hi5 with NordVPN

Enjoy privacy and security whenever you go online.

30-day money-back guarantee