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Using a VPN for Spotify access

Listen to your favorite tunes on Spotify with a VPN.

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Unblock Spotify through NordVPN

Listen to Spotify wherever you are

Spotify offers endless hours of music. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work everywhere in the world. So if you’re a frequent business traveler, an exchange student, or simply enjoying your vacation, you might not be able to access your playlists. But don’t worry – you can bypass country restrictions by using a VPN. Read on to find out how you can enjoy Spotify even if you’re in Madagascar or South Korea.

How to unblock Spotify with a VPN

Country restrictions are enforced by denying access to users with certain IP addresses. Whenever you connect to the internet, online services and web pages recognize you by your IP address. There are a few different ways you can bypass this IP-based restriction, but the easiest and fastest route is to use a VPN.

A reliable VPN provider will hide your real IP address and location, prevent DNS leaks, and unblock Spotify in seconds. When you connect to a VPN server, all your traffic goes through it. This not only encrypts your connection, but also gives you a new IP address. Your ISP and network administrator won’t know what you’re doing online, and any online service you use won’t be able to see your real location.

Access Spotify Worldwide through NordVPN

Why can’t I access Spotify?

Some institutions will limit people’s access to certain websites to keep them focused on their tasks. At the same time, the services themselves regulate in which countries they are available.

For example, a lot of countries can’t access Spotify because of copyright issues. The company doesn’t have permission from certain record labels to distribute their music, so it can’t offer users enough content. Until Spotify makes a deal with record labels and is sure that enough users in any given country will subscribe to their service, they can’t operate there successfully.

VPN for Spotify to bypass GEO blocking

Unlock Spotify with NordVPN

It’s exasperating to subscribe to a service and then be unable to use it when you travel. Fortunately, it takes only three steps to enjoy the music you want, no matter where you are:


Download NordVPN and get a subscription


Connect to a server in the chosen location


All set – Spotify is now unblocked!

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