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VPN for ChatGPT: Use ChatGPT safely

Find out about ChatGPT security risks and learn how a VPN can improve your online experience.

30-day money-back guarantee
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How to use NordVPN with ChatGPT


Get NordVPN

Buy NordVPN and download the app for your operating system.


Connect to a VPN server

Log in and press “Quick connect” to find the best VPN server for you.


Chat safely

Use ChatGPT with improved privacy and security.

Is ChatGPT safe to use?

A man having a conversation with a ChatGPT robot.
In theory, ChatGPT is safe for anyone to use. This artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot will not install any malware or run any malicious scripts just because you ask it the wrong question. OpenAI (ChatGPT’s developer) also claims that it can only use your data in accordance with its strict privacy policy — and it only asks for your email address to register an account.

In practice, however, there are certain security risks that ChatGPT users should be aware of.

Known ChatGPT security risks

Have a look at the most common security risks associated with ChatGPT.

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A man using ChatGPT on his phone.
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A robot having missed some shots, showcasing ChatGPT‘s occasional errors.
A robot with chat bubbles containing symbols for malware, spying, and lack of security.

Why do I need a VPN for ChatGPT?

A VPN (virtual private network) improves your privacy and security online. Here’s how NordVPN can make using ChatGPT safer.

Keeps your virtual location private

Your IP address is highly sensitive information — and it should be completely irrelevant to your ChatGPT queries. Use NordVPN to shield your virtual location from ChatGPT or other web services.

Protects your traffic on any network

Your connection to ChatGPT may be encrypted, but the rest of your online traffic may not be. Without a VPN, working or browsing at public Wi-Fi hotspots or other unsafe locations may lead to your device being compromised.

Obscures the fact you’re using ChatGPT

Your ISP, your network administrator, and even hackers lurking on the same network can see you connecting to ChatGPT. By encrypting your online traffic, a VPN shields your activities from prying eyes.

Making ChatGPT even safer to use

Beyond using a VPN, there are several simple precautions you can take to mitigate ChatGPT security risks.

Mitigating ChatGPT risks

Always use the official version

There is only one way to access ChatGPT legitimately, and that’s through OpenAI’s official website. Don’t fall for fake websites, apps, or browser extensions claiming to have ChatGPT functionality unless you want your device to be infected with malware.

Don’t share personal data

ChatGPT doesn’t need to know your personal details to work. Any information you enter in the chat can be seen by OpenAI researchers — or hackers in the wake of data leaks, just like in March 2023.

Always check ChatGPT’s answers

ChatGPT may sound convincing, but that doesn’t mean it’s telling the truth. Avoid fake news by asking ChatGPT to provide sources for its answers and double-checking the generated text against information available on reputable websites.


Why is NordVPN the best VPN for ChatGPT?

Number of VPN servers:


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NordLynx, IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN

Data privacy

No logs of your activities

Devices per account:



24/7 live chat, email, support center

Money-back guarantee:

30 days

IP addresses:

Shared and dedicated

Advanced features:

Meshnet, Threat Protection, Kill Switch, Dark Web Monitor, obfuscated servers, split tunneling

Try NordVPN with no risk to your wallet

Hide your virtual location, get a new IP address, and enjoy greater online security with our risk-free VPN. If you are not 100% satisfied, tell us within 30 days of the purchase date and get a full refund.

NordVPN’s 30-day money back guarantee.

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