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ASKfm allows its users to ask anonymous questions, making it a great way to learn things you’re afraid to ask about openly. It’s a fantastic tool for exploring controversial topics, but here’s the problem — some institutions block access to the website.This is why many people choose to access ASKfm with a VPN service.

Securely unblock ASKfm

When you connect to the internet, your IP address identifies you as connected to a specific local network, which may come with certain restrictions. However, you can easily bypass them using a VPN service. It hides your IP address, making it appear as if you were located somewhere else. This allows you to access the content you want, including ASKfm at work or university.

What’s more, NordVPN secures your internet connection, which is particularly important if you use unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. Without VPN encryption, you become an easy target for identity thieves and data snoopers. NordVPN encrypts your communications, preventing others from reading your online traffic.

Why can't I access ASKfm?

It’s very common for universities and workplaces to limit user access to certain websites in order to eliminate distractions. Typically, this means blocking popular social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. But ASKfm may also fall under a ban, so you may have trouble accessing your ASKfm account over your university or office Wi-Fi.

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success30-day money-back guarantee