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What is ASKfm?

It is a global online social Q&A network with more than 150 million monthly users in 150 countries. Registered members are invited to interact with their friends, to broaden their knowledge and express themselves by asking and answering millions of questions in 49 languages.

ASKfm allows its users to browse through different topics, record videos, add photos or animated GIFs to their answers and also ask anonymous questions. This is a great way to learn something you want to know but are afraid to ask openly.

Because of a number of engaging features and opportunity to easily share opinions ASKfm has become a popular social networking tool, especially among younger users.

Why can’t I access ASKfm?

It is very common for academic institutions and workplaces to limit users’ access to certain websites in order to eliminate distractions and increase productivity. As a result, ASKfm is often blocked on local networks, along with other popular social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Therefore, if you ever attempted to access your ASKfm account on your school computer or office Wi-Fi, you may have trouble doing that.

However, being able to organize a quick survey or collect different feedback on your ideas, might be good for your study research or brainstorm session. This is why many people choose to access ASKfm with a VPN service.

How to securely bypass ASK.fm restrictions?

When you connect to the Internet from your school or workplace, your IP address is detected as connected to the local network, which can have various restrictions. However, you can easily bypass them using a VPN service, which hides your IP address making it look like you are physically located somewhere else. This allows you to access any content you want, including ASKfm at work or school.

Furthermore, NordVPN secures your Internet connection no matter where you are. This is especially useful on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks where you may become an easy target for identity thieves and data snoopers. With NordVPN all your communication is strongly encrypted meaning that no one can track or intercept your private data.

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