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WikiLeaks is a multifunctional portal providing news, entertainment content and other services. Millions of people choose WikiLeaks Mail for their personal and work communications. Unfortunately, access to WikiLeaks might be restricted in certain institutions.

Why can't I access WikiLeaks?

Very often governments block users’ access to websites or internet services for a variety of reasons. Some pages can be blocked in order to protect citizens, especially children, from obscene and harmful content, while others are geo-restricted due to perfectly understandable copyright issues.

Most likely, this is the case with WikiLeaks as it is often criticised by institutions and leaders for its controversial activities. Several U.S officials have said WikiLeaks was “harming national security” while some journalists have emphasized the lack of editorial discretion and analysis when publishing highly sensitive information. It is not surprising that many governments, including Australia, the U.S, China, Turkey try to prevent users from accessing WikiLeaks websites from time to time.

As a result, whistleblowers, journalists and curious readers worldwide often look ways to access WikiLeaks and other independent media platforms.

How to securely bypass WikiLeaks restrictions?

Websites are usually blocked by denying users’ access based on their IP address. Each time you connect to the internet, your IP reveals the country you are currently based in. This means that from the moment you connect all restrictions valid there are applied to you as well. Even more – this makes your private information easily trackable and accessible for various online snoopers.

NordVPN allows you connecting to hundreds of remote VPN servers, making your IP address look like you are physically located in a different country. This helps to access unblocked content and secures your sensitive data at the same time. NordVPN encrypts the internet traffic between your device and the VPN server, and keeps no logs of your activities. That means we cannot supply any information to the authorities even if we were asked to.

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