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Unblock YouTube with a VPN

Many people have unblocked YouTube with NordVPN. You can unblock it too.

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Whether you are a musician, a popular vlogger, or simply someone hungry for new cat videos, YouTube welcomes you with open arms. Not always, though. In certain regions, people have to learn how to unblock videos on YouTube for their daily fix. So far, a reliable VPN service has proven to be the best option.

Unblock YouTube easily

Like many websites with geo-restrictions, access to YouTube is managed based on the user’s IP address. When you connect to the internet, your network gives you an IP address, thus tagging your location. The IP is what blocks your access to prohibited websites or content.

This is where NordVPN comes in. It unblocks YouTube by connecting you to a remote VPN server, which changes your IP address and makes it look as if you were connecting from elsewhere. This lets you watch videos unblocked, just like any other resident in your new virtual location.

Not only that, NordVPN encrypts your internet traffic, shielding your activities from your ISP and others. Combined with our strict no-logs policy, this means you can enjoy unblocked YouTube videos in security and privacy without anyone knowing.

Why is YouTube blocked?

Governments may block access to YouTube for a number of reasons. While some claim it protects their citizens from obscene and harmful content, others enforce geo-restriction due to copyright issues, and a few even engage in political censorship.

Despite its popularity, YouTube is one of the most heavily restricted websites in the world.The service is completely inaccessible in China, North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan due to national security or for legal reasons, while other countries opt to petition removal of specific content.

Others unblocked YouTube. Will you?

It takes only 3 simple steps to experience the internet freedom.


1. Download NordVPN and get a subscription


2. Connect to a server in the chosen location


3. All set – YouTube is now unblocked!

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success30-day money-back guarantee