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Best VPN for Kodi

Install a VPN for Kodi and securely access the content you love from anywhere.

30-day money-back guarantee
Users can get a VPN for Kodi and securely access their favorite content from anywhere.

How to install a VPN on Kodi

Safely access your favorite content by setting up NordVPN on your Kodi device.


Sign up to NordVPN

Choose your plan and create your account.


Get the NordVPN add-on

Download it to your computer or connect via SSH.


Follow our detailed guide

Complete the steps in this VPN for Kodi tutorial.

30-day money-back guarantee

Why use a VPN for Kodi

Reduce the privacy and security risks on Kodi with a VPN.

Is it safe to use Kodi without a VPN?

Using Kodi may pose privacy and security risks. A VPN reduces many of these risks by encrypting your connection and shielding your identity — so you can enjoy Kodi with more peace of mind.

However, when using the Kodi app, you should always be mindful of copyright regulations. To avoid problems, only access legitimate content through paid websites and use official Kodi add-ons. Installing add-ons from unknown sources is never recommended due to security risks.

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