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Using a VPN for Facebook access

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Unblock Facebook with NordVPN

Why unblock Facebook with a VPN

Here’s how Facebook blocking usually works: when you go online, your network gives you an IP address with a number of access restrictions, which depend on the network’s policies and local laws. It’s simple, but effective — since you need an IP address to browse the internet, the network is free to dictate access rights once you connect.

But what if you could hide your IP address? That’s where VPNs come in: when you connect to remote VPN servers, they show a new IP address to your target website. This lets you unblock social media, so using a VPN for Facebook access where it’s restricted is the perfect solution.

VPNs also come with other benefits — they encrypt your internet traffic, keeping your online activities from prying eyes and letting you browse in privacy. In places where social media is heavily monitored, the best VPNs for Facebook are those that follow a no-logs policy, like NordVPN. This way, they can’t expose your actions to third parties even if pressured.

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Why can’t I access Facebook?

If you’re currently traveling, Facebook may be temporarily or even permanently blocked in the region. Mauritius, Pakistan, Türkiye, and Egypt periodically cut access to Facebook, while China, North Korea, Syria, and Iran have blocked it altogether for censorship purposes.

If you’re having issues after connecting to a new Wi-Fi network, keep in mind that universities, libraries, offices, and certain other places often ban Facebook to increase productivity.

Whatever the reason, being unexpectedly cut off from social media is frustrating. It can even be dangerous — for example, Facebook may be the only way to reach your family if you get stuck abroad, since international calls cost a fortune and often aren’t available on local pay-as-you-go cards.

VPN for Facebook to bypass GEO blocking

How to unblock Facebook with a VPN

It takes only 3 simple steps to experience internet freedom.


Download NordVPN and get a subscription


Connect to a server in the chosen location


Congratulations – you’ve unblocked Facebook!

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success30-day money-back guarantee

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