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If you want your voice heard, Twitter is the place to be and share insights, news, information, joy or alerts by posting short 140-character messages called “tweets.” Unfortunately, access to Twitter might be restricted in certain regions.

Why can’t I access Twitter?

Despite (or particularly because) its huge popularity and strong worldwide engagement, Twitter is heavily censored and even restricted in some countries.

If this is not the case, chances are that the service is restricted at your school or workplace. Many institutions do so in an effort to reduce distractions and to make you focus on your work tasks or studies.

As a result, many people worldwide often look for ways to access Twitter together with other censored or blocked websites. A reliable VPN service seems to be the best solution for that.

How to securely bypass Twitter restrictions?

Like other restricted websites, Twitter is blocked by denying users’ access based on their IP address. So when you connect to the internet, you are assigned an IP address, revealing the country you are currently in. The same goes with local networks – once you connect, all restrictions valid there are applied to your device.

NordVPN allows you log in to your Twitter account wherever you are and keeps your data secure at the same time. Once you connect to one of 4900+ remote VPN servers, your IP address changes. This makes it look like you are physically located in another country and gives you full access to all restricted or censored websites and services.

Furthermore, with NordVPN your internet traffic is directed through an encrypted tunnel meaning that your internet activities can not be hacked or monitored.

Access Twitter securely

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success30-day money-back guarantee