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Using Twitter with a VPN

Once you get a VPN for Twitter, you can tweet from anywhere.

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Unblock Twitter with NordVPN

Why unblock Twitter with a VPN

Like with other restricted websites, Twitter is blocked based on the user’s IP address. Every time you connect to the internet, your network gives you an IP address, which identifies the organization and country you’re in. This means that you also inherit all of the network’s restrictions.

When you use a VPN for Twitter, you first connect to a remote VPN server, which changes the IP address you show to various websites. That way, you can bypass network restrictions and tweet in peace. A VPN also encrypts your traffic and shields your online activities from others, protecting your data and identity on the internet.

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Why can’t I access Twitter?

Despite (or particularly because of) its huge popularity and strong worldwide engagement, Twitter is heavily censored in some countries. It’s also restricted in many institutions, such as universities, libraries, or offices, to help people focus on their tasks.

VPN for Twitter to bypass GEO blocking

How to unblock Twitter with a VPN?

It takes only 3 simple steps to experience internet freedom.


Download NordVPN and get a subscription


Connect to a server in the chosen location


All set – Twitter is now unlocked!

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success30-day money-back guarantee

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With VPN, you can enjoy privacy and security whenever you go online.

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