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DAZN is a live sports streaming service that allows its users to enjoy unlimited access to the world’s best leagues and tournaments. It offers over 8000 live events a year. Unfortunately, access to DAZN might be restricted in certain regions.

Why can’t I access DAZN?

The service is currently available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Japan, so if you try accessing it from another country, you may not be able to do that.

This happens because licensing agreements to provide entertainment media services are negotiated on a country-by-country basics. Due to these regulations, media content available for streaming may not be accessible outside your region.

As a result, DAZN subscribers may not be able to watch their favorite team play when traveling or temporarily residing overseas. This is why many users choose to access their subscription services via VPN.

How to securely watch DAZN when traveling?

Like other websites with geo-restrictions, DAZN is blocked by denying users’ access based on their IP address. So when you connect to the Internet, your device is assigned a unique IP address, revealing the country you are currently in.

That’s when the NordVPN comes in handy. It allows you connecting to remote VPN servers, which hides your actual IP address and makes you look like you are located in a different country. This gives you access to all entertainment content available there.

Furthermore, NordVPN allows you to stream your favorite sports and keeps your connection secure at the same time. It encrypts the Internet traffic between your device and a VPN server, making it difficult for snoopers to monitor your online activity.

The NordVPN service is not intended to be used for bypassing copyright regulations. For more details, please read the NordVPN Terms of Service and DAZN Terms of Use.

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