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When enabled, the CyberSec feature will automatically block suspicious websites so that no malware or other cyber threats can infect your device. Additionally, no flashy ads will come into your sight.

NordVPN CyberSec is an advanced technology solution that takes your privacy to the next level, providing you with enhanced security, better performance, and control. From now on in addition to NordVPN’s military-grade encryption and safe access to the Internet, you will be protected from annoying advertisements and many different kinds of cyber threats.

Here are the three main benefits of CyberSec:

    block dangerous web
  • Block dangerous websites. The main task of the CyberSec feature is to regularly scan website addresses against popular blocklists and protect users from getting involved in phishing scams and other cyber threats. So if a website you are about to visit is known for hosting malware, trackers, spyware or other malicious software, CyberSec reacts immediately and blocks your access.
  • botnet control
  • Avoid botnet control. With CyberSec protection on, your device will be secured from participating in DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks even if it is already infected with malware. CyberSec will detect and cut any communication happening between the compromised asset and the ‘Command and Control’ server of the botnet, preventing your device from joining a botnet zombie army.
  • skip ads
  • Skip annoying ads. CyberSec hides unwanted pop-ups, autoplay video ads and other advertising material the moment you enter a website. Not only does this allow you to enjoy the content you are there for, it also improves the load speed of the website and saves you some precious mobile data. So finally, you can experience the Internet ad-free, the way you have always wanted it to be.
  • * Due to Google’s policies, the CyberSec feature no longer blocks ads on the NordVPN app downloaded from the Google Play Store. It does, however, keep protecting you from accessing malicious websites. The ad blocker is still available on the .apk version of the app offered exclusively on our website.
What is CyberSec and how does it work?

Let’s start with the basics. When you wish to access a certain website (for example, NordVPN), you type its name into your browser ( Press “Enter” and that’s it – you are in.

This is how your journey looks behind the scenes: the moment you enter the website’s name into your browser, your device contacts a remote DNS server to request the IP address of that particular site. And only when the Domain Name System (DNS) responds, you are allowed to enter that website.

cybersec scheme
1. User request to website; 2. DNS server; 3. Access allowed; 4. Warning about detected threats.

Now here is when the CyberSec feature comes into play. It references a real-time block list of dangerous websites that are known for hosting malware, spyware, trackers or other harmful software. So when our DNS server receives your request to enter a specific website, CyberSec quickly checks its name against the list of possible threats and decides whether to allow the access.

If the website is blocked by NordVPN CyberSec, you will see a warning message and will not be able to enter the website or see any of its contents. However, if for any reason you wish to proceed, you can do it at your own risk by disabling the feature in NordVPN System Settings.

* The full CyberSec feature is available on Windows, macOS and Linux, and has to be enabled in the System Settings menu. CyberSec does not block ads on the NordVPN app for Android downloaded from the Google Play Store. The ad blocker is still available on the .apk version of the app offered exclusively on our website.

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