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Scan your software for vulnerabilities

Use Threat Protection Pro vulnerability scanning feature to improve your security.

A man using a vulnerability detection tool to find vulnerable software on his laptop.

What is app vulnerability?

App vulnerability is a flaw or a weakness in an app that can be used by malicious actors. Cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for such weak spots that, like a chink in your armor, can be targeted to attack the app or the whole device. Successful vulnerability exploits could lead to data breaches and even total system takeover.

How vulnerabilities get into apps

A sad programmer finds a bug in the code they wrote.
A scared person trying to remove a bug from their laptop.
A flustered woman having computer issues.
A person overwhelmed by spying eyes.
A person confused by the settings on their phone.
A laptop with NordVPN’s vulnerability detection tool switched on.

What is NordVPN’s vulnerability detection feature?

Our application vulnerability detection tool automatically scans software on your Windows device to detect flaws that could be exploited by cybercriminals. If Threat Protection Pro finds any known vulnerabilities, it notifies you immediately so you can take action and protect your data and device.

Why should I enable vulnerability detection?

Minimize the chance of potential attacks

Malicious actors are always looking for an easy way in. If your software is updated and secure, you’re less likely to be targeted because there’s usually nothing for them to exploit.

Be the first to know

If that niche sound mixing software you use has a major vulnerability, you’re unlikely to hear about it in the news. But NordVPN’s vulnerability detection tool will notify you personally.

Get additional device protection without hassle

Once you enable vulnerability detection, there’s nothing else for you to do. It will work 24/7, scan automatically, and keep your device and data safer than before.

It doesn’t cost extra

You don’t have to pay more for the vulnerability detection feature — it comes with your NordVPN subscription, like all our other features, keeping you safe while working silently in the background.

How to enable vulnerability detection on NordVPN

If you want NordVPN to scan your Windows PC for software vulnerabilities, follow these steps:


Open the NordVPN app

Launch the NordVPN app on your device and log in with your credentials.


Click the shield

Select the shield icon on the left-hand side to open the Threat Protection Pro section.


Turn it on

Toggle Threat Protection Pro on to enable vulnerability scanning and other protective measures.

neutralTo use Threat Protection Pro without vulnerability scans, click the shield icon on your NordVPN app, and click the “Turn off” button on the vulnerability detection card.

Software vulnerability in numbers

Exploring the data reveals just how common and dangerous software vulnerabilities are.


new vulnerabilities are discovered each month.

3 out of 4

of applications have at least one security flaw.


of companies have high-risk vulnerabilities in their networks.

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