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Detect double extensions with Threat Protection

Avoid fake extensions and protect your PC with NordVPN.

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What are double extensions, and how do they work?

Double extensions are a way to trick internet users into downloading and executing a malicious file. We tend to assume that .doc or .jpeg files are safe because they are not executable, so we don’t hesitate to download and open them. How does it work?

File extensions on Windows are usually hidden but including a secondary (seemingly safe) extension creates the illusion that the file itself is safe and you don’t think twice about clicking on them. This way, “perfectly_safe.docx.exe” is displayed as “perfectly_safe.docx” and you might accidentally open it, thinking it’s a real Word file.

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Dangers of double file extensions

Since using double extensions is a simple, effective, and cheap way to trick distracted users into downloading and opening an executable file, hackers often employ this method. This is how cybercriminals managed to infect thousands of devices with CryptoLocker ransomware and extract 3M dollars from their victims.

How to avoid executing files with double extensions?

Double extensions could pose a real threat to your Windows device. Here’s what you can do to stop them:

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How to enable the double file extension detection



Open the NordVPN app.


Click the shield

Click on the little shield icon on the left side of your screen.


Turn it on

Toggle the Threat Protection switch on.

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