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Enhanced protection from NordVPN: Scan downloading files for viruses

NordVPN’s Threat Protection Pro scans the files you download for malware. The feature is available with selected plans.

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Woman scanning files for viruses on a laptop.

Scanning files for viruses: why it’s important

You should block malware before it does damage to your device.

Avoid becoming a bot

Hackers can use malware to overtake your device’s resources and use them to mine cryptocurrency or perform DDoS attacks.

Prevent money loss

Ransomware encrypts your files and programs, making them unusable until you pay a ransom to the cybercriminal who did it.

Ensure smooth performance

Malware can annoy you by showering you with ads or changing your browser settings, but it can also wreak havoc on your device, deleting files, and destroying the OS.

Stop data theft

Cybercriminals can use keyloggers and other spyware to track your actions online and record passwords, usernames, and credit card data.

Common virus scanning methods

Learn about different types of file scanning for malware.

Man scanning a folder for malware.
Woman checking a file to see if it’s safe.
Researcher explaining common virus scanning methods.

Why choose NordVPN for your device’s protection?

NordVPN is constantly guarding your device from malware hidden in your downloads, allowing you to relax and enjoy your online activities more.


Use a Mac for every day and PC for gaming? Threat Protection Pro works on both — install NordVPN and experience the benefits.

Instant alerts

In case the file you were downloading is malicious, you’ll be instantly notified so you can stay away from the website you found it on.


Setting up Threat Protection Pro is easy, and you’ll only have to do it once — safer browsing without hassle!

Extra features

Ad blocker, tracker blocker, vulnerability detection, and double extension detection — it’s all there to help you stay as safe as possible.

Start scanning your downloads for viruses

Turn Threat Protection Pro on and let it take care of everything.


Open the NordVPN app.


Click on the shield icon.


Turn on file protection.

neutralTo enable advanced scanning, toggle the switch next to “Cloud-based threat detection.”
Man with a laptop protected by NordVPN’s security bubble.

Protecting your devices from malware

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    Regularly update all your software and the operating system.

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    Avoid downloading files or clicking on links from untrusted sources.

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    Be cautious with email attachments, especially if they’re unsolicited.

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    Only download files and software from trusted sources.

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    Keep your files in an encrypted cloud storage so they are safe from potential damage.

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    Don’t let random apps access your system — always evaluate their permissions.

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