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Link Checker

Is this file safe?

What does File Checker do?

File Checker is a tool for verifying whether any given image or document is harboring known malware strains.

A person using File Checker to scan files for malware on their laptop.

Check attachments for phishing

You can get viruses by opening infected attachments to phishing emails — so don’t. You can download the file without opening it and scan it with File Checker to see if it's secretly harboring malware.

Scan downloads before opening

Even files you download from seemingly-legitimate online repositories can be infected. Use the free File Checker tool to upload a hash of the file to our servers and scan it for hidden malware.

Why should you choose NordVPN’s file checker?

A woman scanning files with File Checker on both her phone and laptop.

How to scan a file for viruses

If you’re not sure whether the file you just downloaded is safe to open, use NordVPN’s File Checker to scan it for virus and malware patterns.


Upload your file using the “Add file” button at the top of this page.


Wait a few moments while File Checker scans it.


Review the results to see if the file is safe to open.

Manual file checking vs. automated file checking

File Checker lets you find out if any given file is dangerous — but NordVPN’s Threat Protection Pro will automatically protect you from most common online threats.

Scanning downloads with

Threat Protection

Manual file checking

Detects common malware

Helps prevent virus infection

Scans most file types

Fast results

Enable once and forget

Blocks deceptive links

Blocks annoying ads

Gets rid of trackers

Bespoke file inspection in the cloud


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