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Scan URLs and avoid malicious websites

NordVPN scans the URLs you’re visiting to keep you safe from malware.

Stay malware-free with NordVPN’s Scan URL feature_alt

Why it’s important to scan URLs for malware

Stop malware from infecting your device before it even has a chance to harm it.

Block phishing

Checking the safety of the link you’re clicking drastically reduces the chances of you becoming a victim of a phishing attack and having your credentials or credit card details stolen.

Avoid malware

Malware is another hazard to look out for. You can be redirected to malicious websites that will inject and execute malware in the background without you noticing, even infecting your device with ransomware.

Prevent botnets

Cybercriminals use malware to overtake people’s devices, join them into a botnet, mine cryptocurrency, or perform DDoS attacks.

Get peace of mind

Knowing that the URLs you’re visiting are safe gives you confidence while browsing, so you can focus on your tasks instead of worrying whether that pop-up ad is malicious or just annoying.

Why choose NordVPN to scan your URLs?

Experience comprehensive web protection — use NordVPN to check if the websites you’re visiting are safe.

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Threat Protection ensures safe browsing_alt
NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature to scan URLs for safe ones_alt

How to enable URL scanning for malicious websites

Turn Threat Protection on and let it take care of everything.


Open the NordVPN app.


Click on the shield icon.


Turn on web protection.

Scan URL feature keeping the computer safe from malwares_alt

Malware protection best practices

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    Regularly check whether your software and operating system are up to date to detect vulnerable apps.

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    Never download files or click on links from sources you don’t trust.

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    Be especially careful with attachments, even if they seem to be sent by someone you know.

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    Download files and software exclusively from reliable and trusted sources and scan them for viruses before installing.

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    Protect your files by encrypting and storing them in a cloud.

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    Before granting access to your system, go over app permissions carefully and see if they’re really necessary.

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