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How to get an Australian IP address from abroad

If you’re an Aussie looking to access home content from abroad, you need an Australian IP address. And you can get one in several ways. Still, a virtual private network (VPN) is often the simplest and safest route. Read on to discover why and explore other options for getting an Australian IP address from anywhere.

How to get an Australian IP address from abroad

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What is an Australian IP address?

An Australian IP address is an internet protocol address (IP) that belongs to a physical or virtual server in Australia. Essentially, an Australian IP guides internet traffic and indicates websites and online services that you’re in Australia. Even when you’re not inside the country.

Each time you connect to the internet, your internet service provider (ISP) assigns your device a unique IP address. This address pinpoints your location globally, allowing websites — from local news outlets to streaming services — to determine if you can access content meant for local audiences.

Traveling outside of Australia changes your IP address to reflect your new location, which could limit your access to local content. By learning how to get an Australian IP address from anywhere, you can ensure continued access to domestic content.

How to get an Australian IP address

The easiest way to get an Australian IP address is to use a VPN. Just connect to a server in Australia, and you’re set. It’s a simple process that doesn’t require any technical expertise.

The other three options for acquiring an Australian IP address are proxy services, the Tor browser, and smart DNS services. Let’s analyze each of them in greater detail to find one that works for you.

Use a VPN

We highly recommend using a VPN if you need an Australian IP address. First, because it’s pretty straightforward – just connect to a VPN server in Australia. For instance, when using NordVPN, follow these steps to change your IP address to Australian:

  1. Download the VPN app.
  2. Create or log in to your account.
  3. After you log in, you’ll see a map dotted with servers from around the globe. Navigate to Australia using the interactive map or the sidebar on the left and choose a VPN server.
  4. Wait for the connection to establish, then start browsing!
australian ip with nordvpn

Another reason to use a VPN to obtain an Australian IP address is its robust infrastructure and encryption protocols. These ensure a stable and secure connection to Australian servers.

Additionally, cutting-edge encryption and no-logs policies add extra layers of privacy and security to your online activity and personal information while you are connected to an Australian VPN server.

To give you a clearer picture, below are the pros and cons of using a VPN to change your IP address:

Easy to useCan be costly
Changes IP address and encrypts online trafficEncryption and rerouting your internet traffic can slow down your connection
Reduces bandwidth throttling based on activities
Multiple servers to choose from
Strong infrastructure and security protocols

With some VPN services, you can also get a dedicated IP in Australia and browse with fewer CAPTCHAs. A dedicated IP is a static network address assigned exclusively to a single website hosting account, ensuring that only you can access it. It’s an excellent choice if you need consistent access to Australian content.

With NordVPN, alongside your VPN subscription, you can get a dedicated IP from Sydney. This means the Australian IP address will be exclusively yours for the duration of your subscription.

Use a proxy server

Another way to get an Australian IP address is to use a proxy server. Operating on a principle similar to a VPN, a proxy server reroutes your internet traffic, giving the impression that your connection originates from a different location.

Many proxy servers are free and boast a user-friendly setup process, making them an excellent option for beginners. However, the risk of infection makes free proxies less appealing. Let’s see the pros and cons of changing your IP address with a proxy server:

Easy to useSlower internet speeds
Can mask your IP addressNo traffic encryption
Typically freeGenerally unreliable
Some proxy servers may be infected with malware or viruses

Use Smart DNS services

DNS (domain name system) effectively acts like the internet’s phonebook. Imagine you have the name of a person (in this case, a website) you want to talk to — you just need their phone number (IP address) to make the connection. That’s what DNS does — it translates web addresses into IP addresses, making reaching your online destination easier.

Although such DNS services don’t directly provide IP addresses, Smart DNS services offer features allowing users to access their home content while traveling, including Australia.

However, Smart DNS services also don’t offer encryption and privacy protection like VPNs or Tor. The pros and cons of these services include:

Faster speeds due to lack of encryptionNo data encryption
Wide device compatibilityLimited functionality
Compatibility issues with certain networks

Use the Tor browser

The Tor browser works by bouncing your internet traffic through a network of volunteer-operated servers, making it harder for anyone to track your online activity. It usually conceals your virtual location by assigning a random IP address.

Also, the Tor network allows users to specify the country of the IP address they wish to use. As a result, you’re free to choose an Australian IP address. But there’s one but.

The setup of the Tor browser is generally more complicated than VPNs, proxy servers, and DNS servers. Moreover, because volunteers run its servers, the safety of using Tor depends on the operators’ goodwill.

Consider these pros and cons when deciding whether to use the Tor browser to change your IP address:

Free to useComplicated to set up and use
Multi-layer encryptionSlower internet speeds
Possible malicious nodes
Poor reputation due to nefarious uses
Some websites may block or restrict access to Tor nodes

What can you do with an Australian IP address?

Changing your current IP address to Australian has a lot of benefits. This is advantageous not just for Australians traveling abroad but also for those who wish to access the free and open Australian web or conceal their internet activity from their ISP. Below are some of the things that having an Australian IP address allows you to do:

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    Access local content when abroad. Never miss an episode of your favorite show, even on vacation abroad. Stay in the loop with the latest news and happenings in the Lucky Country. Connect to a server in Australia and enjoy uninterrupted access.
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    Access your bank accounts. If you try to check your bank account while overseas, some Australian banks might think it’s suspicious and block you out if they see you’re not in Australia. Get an Australian IP address to enjoy secure online banking and safely manage your money, no matter where you are.
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    Get the best deals. Booking a trip to Australia can be pricey when websites adjust prices based on your location, especially for flights. Luckily, you can get cheaper flights with a VPN. With an Australian IP address, you can check prices on local websites and maybe score better deals. Plus, you’ll unlock exclusive offers that are only available to Aussie shoppers.
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    Improve your online privacy. Using the internet over unsecured, public Wi-Fi networks puts you at risk of cyberattacks and other criminal acts. Whether traveling, using a co-working space, or just at your local cafe, a secure connection like a VPN can keep hackers and snoops at bay when you need to connect to public Wi-Fi. Also, an Australian IP address can shield you from government surveillance and data collection. This is especially important if you’re concerned about your country’s privacy laws.
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    Avoid activity-based ISP throttling. Your ISP might intentionally slow down your internet speed, especially during peak hours or if you’re in a rural area. Some ISPs even throttle your speed when streaming or downloading from specific websites.

However, if your ISP can’t see your online activity, it’s much less likely it will interfere with your browsing, allowing you to enjoy privacy and feel safer online. You can keep your online activity private by connecting to a VPN and using an Australian IP address.

Online security starts with a click.

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How to choose a VPN to get an Australian IP address

Tor, proxies, and DNS servers offer options for changing your IP, but when it comes to reliability and ease of use, a VPN is the clear winner for obtaining an Australian IP address. Opting for a VPN service ensures a swift and secure connection to an Australian server, safeguarding your entire device, not just your browser.

With a VPN, you can seamlessly access Australian content while protecting your online activity. However, how do you pick the best VPN for Australia? When finding one that checks all the boxes, ensure it has the following:

  • Strong encryption and extra features to keep your online traffic secure. Encryption works like a lock on your digital information, making it inaccessible to anyone who tries to intercept it. NordVPN uses advanced security features and includes a Threat Protection feature to create a secure fortress around your online activity.
  • An extensive server network with speedy servers in Australia. Having servers in Australia ensures faster speeds, secure access to local content, and enhanced data privacy and security. Currently, NordVPN has five Australia server locations in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney and 190+ servers.
  • Fast speeds to ensure smooth browsing and streaming. Interruptions can be frustrating, especially when you’re in the middle of important tasks like thesis research or watching the finale of your favorite TV show. NordVPN was officially recognized as the fastest VPN service on the market, providing fast speeds and ensuring secure streaming and browsing.
  • A no-logs policy to protect your privacy. Choosing a VPN that prioritizes privacy and doesn’t log user activity lets you enjoy peace of mind knowing your browsing history is secure and confidential. NordVPN does not log your IP address, the sites you visit, or your searches.
  • A user-friendly interface for easy setup and navigation. Accessing Australian content while traveling shouldn’t be a hassle. An easy-to-use interface makes connecting to Australian servers and exploring the VPN’s features simple.
  • Compatibility with various devices and operating systems. NordVPN apps are available for Android, Linux, iOS, Windows, and MacOS. NordVPN also offers a proxy extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
  • Responsive customer support for assistance when needed. You should be able to contact customer support if you face any problems connecting to an Australian server or setting up the VPN. NordVPN’s 24/7 customer support can provide you with a much-needed solution if you can’t find one.