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Protect yourself from intrusive Internet legislation

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    Avoid ISP-mandated collection of your metadata
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    Stop Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from logging your online activity
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    Securely access sports and entertainment websites
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    Hundreds of fast, P2P-friendly servers
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    Unique security features including Double VPN and Anti DDoS

Reasons to use NordVPN in Australia

Streaming abroad
Securely enjoy your favorite content

While many ISPs often throttle user’s bandwidth or slow down the Internet connection, NordVPN does the opposite. When it replaces your IP address, your ISP can’t see your website requests, meaning that you can stream your favorite shows with no interruptions.

Protect all your devices
Protect all your devices

An average Australian has 3 Internet-enabled devices. Protecting all of them with a VPN may be expensive. NordVPN allows you connecting up to 6 devices under one account, and you can also set it up on your router to secure all devices on the network.

Securely share your files
Securely share your files

P2P has some perfectly legal uses, such as distribution of large sets of data. NordVPN not only allows P2P traffic and has no bandwidth limits, but also secures your data with strong encryption and offers a number of Australian VPN servers that ensure best download speeds.

Stay safe on public Wi-Fi
Stay safe on public Wi-Fi

Public free Wi-Fi spots are the most popular places to get your sensitive information stolen. NordVPN encrypts your Internet traffic with military-grade security protocols, so you can safely shop online or check your bank account even on unsecured public hotspots.

no logs

Keep your private data to yourself

The Australian government introduced the infamous data retention law in 2015. It requires all Australian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to keep your communications metadata for at least two years.

Metadata is described as data about data. It shows when a communication took place, the sender and recipient, the devices used, their location, and much more. Although it excludes the communication content, having access to thousands upon thousands pieces of data allows drawing many correct conclusions about your life: from your home and work addresses to which health clinics you visit.

NordVPN protects your online privacy. It secures your metadata and obscures your online activity by encrypting the Internet traffic between your device and the VPN server. This way, ISPs cannot monitor or log your communication activity.

Furthermore, NordVPN keeps no logs of its customers’ activities either, which means it cannot supply any information to anyone. Your private data is truly private with NordVPN.

*The NordVPN service is not intended to be used for bypassing copyright regulations. For more details, please read the NordVPN Terms of Service

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NordVPN server range covers a variety of countries.

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