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NordVPN SmartPlay: Safe access to your content

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    Securely stream your favorite shows with improved privacy

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    No extra setup required — SmartPlay is built into all NordVPN apps

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    No extra buffering — stay safe with one of the fastest VPNs

A man benefitting from SmartPlay to safely access his home content on his phone while traveling.

What is SmartPlay?

SmartPlay is a NordVPN feature that helps you safely access your favorite shows and movies. It combines several technologies to improve your privacy and security while you stream content. SmartPlay is automatically enabled in all our apps, so there’s nothing to set up, update, or activate — all you need to do is connect to a VPN server.

SmartPlay and SmartDNS: What is the difference?

A laptop and a phone showing NordVPN open and connected to a secure VPN server.

SmartPlay and SmartDNS are both technologies used in content access — in fact, SmartPlay incorporates SmartDNS in its operations! However, they’re not one and the same.

A SmartDNS works by switching your DNS servers when your access is blocked, but it will not shield your online activity from others. On the other hand, SmartPlay is part of your NordVPN connection and works alongside other VPN security features — in addition to changing DNS servers, you also get the benefit of hiding your IP address and encrypting your online traffic.

As a result, SmartPlay lets you watch your favorite home content privately and securely on any device with a NordVPN app, like your laptop, phone, or tablet. Best of all, it’s automatic — you get all the benefits of SmartPlay the moment you connect to NordVPN. SmartDNS should only be used on devices that don’t support NordVPN, such as older smart TV — on more recent models, installing a VPN on your smart TV is a much better option.

SmartPlay vs SmartDNS

(with a VPN)
(no VPN)
Changes DNS server
Hides IP Address
Changes virtual location
Encrypts connection
Integration with
other VPN features
NordVPN app required

What can you use SmartPlay for?

A man benefitting from SmartPlay to securely access content from home while traveling.
A woman on a couch benefitting from SmartPlay to safely and easily access legal content.
A man working on his laptop with increased online privacy and security.
Get NordVPN

Start using NordVPN SmartPlay in three easy steps

Here’s how to start using NordVPN’s SmartPlay feature.

A phone showing a large blue button on the screen to download the NordVPN app.

1. Get NordVPN

Buy a NordVPN subscription and create a Nord Account.

A cloud with the NordVPN logo and a down arrow, symbolizing a download of NordVPN.

2. Download the app

Download NordVPN for your computer, smartphone, or tablet and log in.

A map with a green dot marking a location, symbolizing a successful connection to a VPN server.

3. Connect

Pick a VPN server. SmartPlay will work automatically in the background.

Please visit the NordVPN Smartplay Help Center or contact our friendly customer support if you experience any issues with SmartPlay.

SmartPlay: Get the best online experience

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