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The SmartPlay technology is implemented by default in all NordVPN apps, so you can enjoy safe streaming experience with no buffering, bandwidth throttling or slow connections speeds.

What is SmartPlay and how does it work?

SmartPlay is a special NordVPN feature that allows you to access content on websites that otherwise would not be available to you due to Internet censorship. It is like a VPN service and Smart or Dynamic DNS in one. In other words, the SmartPlay technology allows you to enjoy all the benefits of VPN (online security and strong encryption) with the stability and fast speed of Smart or Dynamic DNS.

The SmartPlay technology is implemented by default on the server level and can be accessed using all NordVPN apps, so there’s nothing to set up, update or activate. In fact, when you connect to one of our servers using any of our apps, SmartPlay will be automatically activated, letting you access any censored website or media content regardless of the location of the server you are connected to.

With NordVPN, securely stream your favorite content in 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect to a NordVPN app on any device;
  2. Tap on the Quick Connect button or choose the country you like;
  3. Enjoy the secure access to 400+ streaming services then and there.

Please note that, even SmartPlay provides a safe access to most streaming services, we can’t promise that there will be no exceptions. However, if you are experiencing issues with streaming online – feel free to contact our friendly customer support.

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