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NordVPN customer support

We are here to help you all day, every day.

NordVPN customer support will extend support hand 24/7

How can I access NordVPN customer service?

Whenever you need some help with the NordVPN service, you can find it in the Contact Us page. Dealing with slow connection, can’t access certain websites, or having trouble logging into the NordVPN app? We’ll sort it out.

solve all the problems related to VPN via live chat on your phone or any other device

Support Center

It’s a vast collection of articles on all things VPN and beyond. To deliver excellent VPN customer service, we need to make sure our Support section is welcoming, organized, and up to date. That’s why we put extra time and effort to improve our tutorials and continuously update Support Center information.

If you don't know the right answer to your question contact NordVPN customer support for help by email anytime

Reach us by email

Although NordVPN is intuitive and easy-to-use, it’s still a tech service. It may be frustrating to get lost in a pile of information while trying to solve a connection, setup, or payment issue.

So if you want direct assistance, send us an email describing your issue. Any technical difficulties while trying to connect or install the NordVPN apps? Want to buy a dedicated IP address? Wonder what servers are the best for P2P activities? Curious about our logging policy? Feel free to contact our friendly customer service.

And remember: the more details you provide in your email, the more relevant our advice will be.

Get in touch with us via NordVPN customer support live chat

Get in touch via Live Chat

If you want to get help right away, come chat with us. Choose your topic, such as general inquiries or connection issues, and you’ll be redirected to one of our agents.

Each of our customer support specialists has deep knowledge of the NordVPN service. They’re passionate about understanding users’ issues and helping them, so you will always receive top-quality service.

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Find help on social media

We sport a thriving community on the most popular social media sites. Follow us to catch the latest VPN-related news and engage with us in the comments.

Watch our video tutorials

The easiest way to learn is to watch something in action. Learn how to use your online security tools, find out about advanced features, and get the latest cybersecurity insights from our tech experts.

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