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We have the same approach to our customer support as we do to our VPN service. It’s reliable, accessible, and fast.

How can I access NordVPN customer service?

Whenever you need some help with the NordVPN service, you can find it in the Contact Us page. Dealing with slow connection, can't access certain websites, or having trouble logging into the NordVPN app? We’ll sort it out.

We offer three main ways to get the answers you are looking for: Help Center, email support, and live chat.

NordVPN support through help center

Help Center

It’s a vast collection of articles on all things VPN and beyond. To deliver excellent VPN customer service, we need to make sure our Help section is welcoming, organized, and up to date. That’s why we put extra time and effort to improve our tutorials and continuously update the Help Center information.

When you open the Help Center, you can just type keywords related to your issue in the search field. You can also browse available articles by category, such as General info or Billing. Finally, there’s a list of top 5 most popular questions for quick and easy access.

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NordVPN support through email

Email support

Although NordVPN is intuitive and easy-to-use, it's still a tech service. It may be frustrating to get lost in a pile of information while trying to solve a connection, setup, or payment issue.

So if you want direct assistance, send us an email describing your issue. Any technical difficulties while trying to connect or install the NordVPN apps? Want to buy a dedicated IP address? Wonder what servers are the best for P2P activities? Curious about our logging policy? Feel free to contact our friendly customer service.

And remember: the more details you provide in your email, the more relevant our advice will be. In any case, our support team will respond within 24 hours.

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NordVPN customer support through live chat

Live Chat

If you want to get help right away, come chat with us. Choose your topic, such as general inquiries or connection issues, and you’ll be redirected to one of our agents.

Each of our customer support specialists has deep knowledge of the NordVPN service. They're passionate about understanding users' issues and helping them, so you will always receive top-quality service.

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