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With NordVPN you can choose between more than 5100 ultra fast servers in 60 countries to enjoy secure streaming experience on any device, at any place and any time.

There is nothing more frustrating than Internet censorship and surveillance, but the fact that ISPs deliberately throttle the connection speed available to their paying customers is equally unforgivable.

What is bandwidth throttling?

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) typically has the freedom and means to throttle the connection speeds of their users to minimize bandwidth congestion and regulate network traffic. This deliberate practice of slowing down the Internet speed is known as bandwidth, or traffic, throttling.

Throttling may occur at any time and any place between your device (smartphone, tablet or personal computer) and the service or website that you’re using. In fact, it has a direct effect on how fast you can access or download content online.

There are a few different situations when ISPs may throttle users’ bandwidth:

  • During specific times of the day to reduce congestions over the network, as it helps to lower the amount of data they need to process without buying faster equipment to handle the traffic;
  • Limiting access to individual sites or services to encourage adoption of alternative options that may benefit the ISP and its affiliates;
  • Restricting access to offensive, censored or inappropriate websites or services available online;
  • Limiting a specific kind of traffic, when significant amounts of data is being uploaded or downloaded from or to a particular website or within a P2P network;
  • After user’s set monthly bandwidth limit has been exceeded.

However, in some cases using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you to avoid bandwidth throttling and slow connection speeds. In addition to this, VPN will encrypt your Internet traffic, so you can enjoy real online privacy and security.

How to choose the best VPN for streaming?

There are many aspects you should take into consideration when choosing the best VPN for streaming, such as:

  • fast VPN connection speed;
  • high number of servers available around the globe, so you will be more likely to use a server that is physically closer to you and not filled with other users all trying to use the same VPN bandwidth;
  • optimized servers for video streaming & P2P sharing to have better VPN experience;
  • strong encryption protocols for true online privacy and security;
  • strict no-log policy to make sure that none of your online activity or websites visited are tracked or monitored at any time.
Enjoy fast streaming experience with NordVPN

We at NordVPN support P2P sharing, rely on a strict no logs policy and offer advanced security options, such as DNS leak protection and double data encryption.

NordVPN has more than 5135 servers in 60 different countries and provides military-grade encryption between your device and a VPN server. What is more, NordVPN offers easy-to-use apps for macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case our service is not entirely what you need.

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