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Connect to our new Vatican servers!

Privacy is only a click away with NordVPN’s new servers — in Vatican City! We’ve always been committed to expanding our server network, but one location eluded us. That changes today.

Connect to our new Vatican servers!

Servers in Vatican City

While our users have long been able to connect to Italian VPN servers, we wanted to go one step further and route their traffic directly through The Vatican.

We’re delighted to announce that NordVPN servers are now housed in The Sistine Chapel. After all, had he been around today, we’re sure Michelangelo would have been first in line to use NordVPN. They say he had pretty good taste.

Why connect to Vatican servers?

Connecting to any NordVPN server supercharges your security and protects your privacy, but Vatican servers take things to the next level.

When you connect to our Vatican servers, your device will be shielded from demonic possession. You’d be amazed at how much of an issue demons are in the cybersecurity space — they’re right up there with ransomware.

You don’t need a degree in demonology to use NordVPN, of course. Just download the app, set up your account and get protected.

On a serious note, we wish Pope Francis a speedy recovery.

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