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How To Delete Google Search History

How To Delete Google Search History

Google maintains your search history in order to provide you better search results. It maintains detailed logs of all your searches to build a complete profile about you. Now although this seemingly benefits you because Google uses a profile it creates about you to show ads and search results that match your past activity, it does mean that they are keeping tabs on your activity. You could even go as far to say it is an invasion on your privacy.

Below, we’ll discuss how you can delete your google search history. One must note here that deleting your browser history and deleting google history are two entirely different things. While deleting browser history clears your internet history from your browser, it doesn’t so much as touch your search history that is on Google’s servers. That information is huge compared to your browser history as Google’s Web & App History maintains logs of all your searched URLs or keywords since you first used it.   Just think of it as a file folder keeping data on every image you searched, every query you entered, every you link clicked on & more.

How to Delete Google History

To erase your google history, follow these steps:

Go to:

erase your google history

  • Click on Three Vertical Dots of your Web & App History page
  • If you are feeling nostalgic there’s an option to ‘Download Searches’ -Create an archive on a Secure computer if you want to save the information.
  • To proceed with deleting your search history please choose ‘Delete Options’
  • In the window that appears, select  ‘Advanced’ and later choose ‘The Beginning of Time’ option and click on ‘Remove’

proceed with deleting your search history

  • Your google history has been deleted

It should be noted that although this is a way to clear google search history, it won’t stop Google from maintaining such a detailed database again. In order to do that, you need to pause or disable your Google Web & App History

Disabling Web & App History

Below are the steps to do that:

  • Once again, in the pull down menu marked with three vertical dots – Click on ‘Settings’ of Web & App History page

Disable Web & App History

  • There is a blue switch alongside ‘Your searches and browsing activity‘ on the account history page. Slide that switch to the left.
  • A window will ask you if you really want to pause your Web & App activity. After reading the information, click On Pause.
  • In order to prevent Google from keeping search history using other Apps, click on Show More Settings
  • A bunch of switches will appear like browsing activity, places you go, information from your devices, etc. Slide all those switches to the left in order to keep them from maintaining your search history

browsing activity, places you go, information from your devices

In Conclusion

These are the steps you need to take in order to delete google history from their servers. If you want to become absolutely invisible to Google, sadly that it is not possible. Also you will likely use it again and again because of the Google browser popularity.

Since it maintains logs of your searches, you cannot stop it from knowing about you a little. If you want to prevent your search logs to be kept, it is better to use search engines like DuckDuckGo or Startpage for they do not keep logs at all. You could even switch to using the Tor browser, which is known for providing its users absolute anonymity while they browse the internet.

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