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Meshnet for everyday life

NordVPN’s Meshnet feature allows you to connect multiple devices into a completely secure single network. It’s entirely free and easy to use so that everyone can join in on the fun. This article will cover the main use cases of Meshnet for everyday life. However, these are just a few examples — the possibilities are endless.

Meshnet for everyday life

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Share files securely

Have you taken some great pictures and need to transfer them from your phone to your computer? Do you need a secure way to send work documents to your personal computer? Or maybe you just want to share photos of your kids with your family? NordVPN’s Meshnet feature makes file sharing between multiple devices secure and simple, with just a few clicks.

You can share any type of file, and unlike other file-sharing platforms, you have no size limitations with Meshnet. Exchange up to 1,000 large files at a time with any device linked to your virtual network.

You won’t have to worry about the safety of your files, either. Meshnet uses robust encryption to ensure all data transfers are secure and no unauthorized parties can access them. You can also manage Meshnet permissions to decide if each connected device can send, receive, or do both with the files.

Another aspect of NordVPN’s Meshnet that makes it secure is that you won’t need third-party platforms or credit card information. The feature is entirely free of charge and available from the get-go.

The best part is that you won’t lose any quality in transit, because Meshnet doesn’t compress files to save bandwidth. No more grainy photos – every photo and video you share will look just as good when you receive them.

Play games with friends online

Imagine playing multiplayer games with your friends in different cities as if you were all in the same room. NordVPN’s Meshnet makes online LAN gaming easy, no matter where everyone is.

Using NordLynx, NordVPN’s take on the WireGuard® security and encryption protocol, Meshnet lets you create a virtual LAN (local area network), connecting all your friends and allowing you to play games securely without the need for complicated setups like port forwarding.

Unlike traditional methods, Meshnet allows players to set up private game servers accessible from anywhere without the need for third-party hosting, giving you more control over your game settings.

You can set up Meshnet for various games, including Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Quake 3 Arena, Team Fortress 2, Roblox, and Fallout: New Vegas. Check out our video tutorial on setting up a Minecraft server with Meshnet.

With Meshnet, you can focus on what matters – having fun gaming with your friends, no matter where they are.

Access your media server from anywhere

Have you ever needed to access files at home while you’re out and about? NordVPN’s Meshnet feature makes remote access to shared files possible, no matter where you are.

Think about needing your vacation photos while visiting family or accessing important documents from your work computer while traveling. Meshnet creates private, secure tunnels between your devices and allows you to get what you need when you need it. Plus, it uses strong encryption to keep your traffic data safe from prying eyes.

One way to access files remotely is by using Jellyfin. Accessing a Jellyfin server from outside the local network typically requires port forwarding or advanced networking configurations.

However, by using Meshnet, you can access files remotely via Jellyfin without changing your router or firewall settings. Want to know more? Check out our video tutorial.

Work on joint projects remotely

You started working on a new project with a team, but some of your coworkers live abroad. The project includes sensitive data, so you need a secure way to work together. What can you do? You can use joint cloud-based solutions or try NordVPN’s Meshnet feature.

With Meshnet, you can easily work on joint projects remotely with your peers. There is no need to set up a VPN or share information via the cloud. Meshnet connects devices to a single virtual network, and they act as if they are using the same Wi-Fi.

Utilizing Meshnet for joint projects is especially useful when developing software or testing web applications. With Meshnet’s encrypted tunnels, you can collaborate and exchange sensitive data confidently, knowing it’s traveling safely.

Access your IP camera remotely

Another great way to use NordVPN Meshnet is through IP (internet protocol) cameras. IP cameras are commonly used for surveillance, but unlike analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, they use local area networks to receive control data and send image data. You may want to use Meshnet to access IP cameras if you’re going on a holiday and want to make sure your home is safe and sound.

Traditional methods of accessing IP cameras, such as proprietary software, if not properly secured, may leave the network vulnerable to hackers. Meshnet allows you to watch your home IP cameras remotely without safety concerns. All Meshnet connections are made via an encrypted tunnel using the NordLynx protocol.

Also, by using Meshnet, you can repurpose your old smartphone into a functioning security camera. Doing so extends the lifespan of older devices and provides an affordable alternative for home security. Check out our tutorial and see for yourself.

Access your Home Assistant remotely

The IoT (Internet of Things) market has brought some comfort to our lives. What is more convenient than turning off the light for the night from the comfort of your bed? However, some Home Assistant devices operate only on local networks, so accessing them from outside of your home network may be difficult. This is where Meshnet comes into play.

By creating an encrypted tunnel between your devices, Meshnet enables remote access to your Home Assistant devices. This way, you can turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat before arriving home, or check and control appliances while traveling.

To get started, you can watch our video tutorial on how to set up Home Assistant with Meshnet.

Utilize the traffic routing

When traveling, accessing accounts can be tricky if websites block you because you’re logging in from an unusual location. Meshnet allows you to use another device’s IP address for your internet connection, turning it into a VPN server. This way, you can mask your virtual location and use your home’s IP address as if you were at home.

Meshnet’s traffic routing feature is a simple, secure way to change your device’s IP address and create your own VPN without additional software, subscriptions, or technical knowledge. Check out our tutorial to see how easy it is to set up.

How to enable NordVPN’s Meshnet

NordVPN’s Meshnet is completely free to use. Even without a paid NordVPN plan, you can try out all of Meshnet’s features by simply signing up.

Setting Meshnet up doesn’t require any technical know-how. Create a private network of up to 60 devices with just a few clicks:

  1. Install NordVPN and log in to the app.
  2. Select “Meshnet” on the left-side menu.
  3. Turn on Meshnet. Your device will get a unique Nord name and a Meshnet IP address.
  4. Add devices to Meshnet. Depending on whether the device is your own or belongs to another NordVPN user, you can do so in two ways.
    • For your own devices – install the NordVPN app, log in with your account, and enable Meshnet.
    • For other NordVPN users – send an invitation through the NordVPN app using their email address. Once they accept the invitation, their device joins your Meshnet.

You can also use Meshnet on different devices because it works across various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Android TV.

NordVPN’s Meshnet is a free feature that connects up to 10 devices you own and up to 50 external devices in a secure network, making it useful for many everyday tasks. It’s easy to set up on various devices, making it a handy tool for improving online safety and convenience.

Visit our Meshnet documentation page for more information on how to use Meshnet in your everyday life. Additionally, check out our YouTube playlist for video tutorials. We continuously update it to help you make the most of this feature.

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