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Remote access with Meshnet

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    Connect to remote devices with Meshnet for free.

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    Control access to your private network.

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    Grab files on the go and route traffic.

Connect to any device securely with NordVPN Meshnet feature_alt

What is remote access?

NordVPN's Meshnet feature allows access to multiple devices via encrypted private tunnels._alt

Remote access is a method you can use to access devices and networks from anywhere. But it only works if you set it up in advance. Proper configuration without third-party tools is complicated and may end up weakening your security. That’s where Meshnet comes in.

Meshnet is your secure and private network that serves multiple purposes. For example, Meshnet lets you connect devices, reroute traffic, and use native remote access apps to log into your device or grab a file regardless of where you are. And all that – in just a click.

Accessing devices with Meshnet

Accessing a remote device opens up many opportunities. Here are just a few examples of remote device access possibilities.

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Read important documents securely

You’re on vacation abroad and need to read important documents on your home PC. Meshnet will let you securely access them.

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Access devices with software you need

If you have particular software on a device you do not currently have at hand, use Meshnet to connect to that device from anywhere.

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Manage your IT projects

You often need seamless access to multiple devices to run a successful project. Connect them all with Meshnet and save time.

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Help your parents with IT support

Are you the techie in the family? When your parents call you with IT problems, access their computer directly and solve their issue in seconds.

Access remote devices privately

Meshnet is secure, versatile, and easy to master.

Easy to use

Connect with a click. Download Meshnet for free, open it, and enjoy.


Stay safe, send data securely. Only the devices you approve can access your private network.


Connect across platforms. Create a network of up to 10 internal and 50 external devices.

How to use Meshnet

You’re just a click away. Turn on Meshnet and connect to your devices even when you’re halfway across the world.


Turn on Meshnet on your devices

Devices belonging to your account will show up automatically.


Invite other people

Add the emails of your friends and family (up to 50 external devices).


Enable remote access if you plan on using this device remotely

For example, Remote Desktop on Windows or Screen Sharing on macOS.

Explore Meshnet

Work, play, and share with ease

Accessing devices is just one of Meshnet’s benefits.


Play with friends over LAN — even if they’re on the other side of the globe. Meshnet lets you create secure private networks for intense gaming sessions.

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Connect your devices with a secure tunnel. No third parties, no snoopers — just your gadgets in a single secure network.

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File sharing

Eliminate all intermediaries — Meshnet lets you safely send files directly to other devices. It’s super fast, super private, and super convenient.

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Download Meshnet for your device

Meshnet is available on the following operating systems.

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