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Share files with Meshnet

Connect devices and share files for free — use NordVPN’s Meshnet.

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File sharing with Meshnet

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Connect, share, and more

Meshnet lets you create your own secure network for devices — wherever they are. Once connected, you can enjoy file sharing in your network with bulletproof security. But that’s not all Meshnet can do. It’s a highly versatile tool that lets you set up gaming servers, work on joint projects, or access remote devices.

Meshnet makes your digital life simpler

Sharing files with Meshnet is fast, convenient, and secure.

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Share photos with your family

Or sensitive documents. Or confidential work-related files. Or home videos. Share any data with any device connected to yours via Meshnet.

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Easy file sharing with drag and drop

No need to upload your files to the cloud before downloading them on another device. Avoid this nuisance — send files directly and securely between devices.

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Send massive files without restrictions

Sharing a large file can be a headache because many file-sharing services limit the size of the files you can send. Not Meshnet. Share with no restrictions.

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From device to device — send files directly

Meshnet lets you create a direct link between two devices. So when you send a file, it’s never stored on a third-party platform.

How to share files with Meshnet

Getting started with Meshnet is a breeze. It takes just 3 steps.


Set up Meshnet on your devices.


Link your devices to external ones.


Select and share files.

Here you’ll find detailed instructions on how to share files over Meshnet on different operating systems.

The go-to software for private file sharing

Free file sharing

All Meshnet features are available from the get-go. You can upgrade to NordVPN if you need a VPN on top.

No intermediaries

Meshnet enables encrypted file sharing between computers or other devices without extra steps or third-party platforms.

Send any files

Meshnet gives you what file sharing on the cloud cannot — the ability to share files of any size from anywhere.

Share, work, and play with Meshnet

File sharing is just one of the things you can do with Meshnet.


What’s better than a couch co-op? Nothing. But setting up a gaming server with Meshnet is the next best thing when your friends are far away.


Meshnet provides secure file sharing because it lets you send files from device to device directly, skipping nosy cloud services.

Accessing devices

You’re on vacation, but your work laptop with the documents you need is at home, 1,000 miles away. No worries, access it with Meshnet.

Explore the possibilities

Have a look at Meshnet features in detail and find out how they can help you in your day-to-day online life.

Try Meshnet for free — download it for every major platform

A free and secure way to connect and access your devices.

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